Black Dem Inundated By Gutter-Racists After Hacker Leaks His Contact Info (VIDEO)

Black Dem Inundated By Gutter-Racists After Hacker Leaks His Contact Info (VIDEO)

Could This Election Year Go Down As The Most Vile In American History?

Racism and hate rears its ugly head once again in this year’s election as a Democratic Representative from Kansas is barraged with bigotry.

The Hill reports that former Kansas City mayor and current Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver had his personal contact information leaked online by a hacker. This, of course, is never a good thing. And, sadly, racists and hatemongers of all types took advantage of the fact they had this bit of info in their hands.

On August 12, a hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 dumped not only the contact info of Cleaver, but of all House Democrats, on his website. That’s when a slew of emails and phone calls began, according to Cleaver.

“When somebody puts your address on the internet, there are people who aren’t as mentally healthy as we hope they should be and they could do something. It was a lot of cowardly comments. These are probably people who wouldn’t have done it sitting in front of me. They may have been thinking it, but they wouldn’t have said it.”

Cleaver says that he has been called the “N” word, a “baby killer” presumably for his support of stem cell research and ensuring that women have access to abortions, and has been attacked over being a Methodist. And, of course, the KKK got involved with an email being traced to a representative of the group.

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Sadly, Cleaver, who is also a Pastor, is no stranger to abuse. According to the Kansas City Star, in 2008 he supported Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama which led to him being attacked as a traitor and an Uncle Tom for not getting behind a black candidate.

Furthermore, he had his Kansas City office attacked with Molotov cocktails by anarchist Eric King in 2014.

This latest incident has led to Cleaver changing all of his phone numbers and to ask for increased security at his home in Kansas City.

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