The Dysfunctional Family That Is The ‘Family Values’ Based GOP Continues To Shock With Double Standards And Hypocrisy

Republican hypocrisy has been on full display yet again as a senator from Tennessee who has pushed for anti-LGBTQ legislation throughout his career has been hit with a sex scandal that involves his cousin.

As Pink News reports, Joey Hensley’s affair with his employee, patient and second cousin, Lori Barber, was recently revealed as she went to court to divorce her husband.
Now, Joey Hensley is quite the piece of work indeed. The devout Pentecostal Christian and physician loved to lecture about ‘good morals’ but didn’t seem too concerned with them himself as not only did the 4-time married lawmaker have an affair with his relative Lori Barber, he also provided her with opioids to feed her addiction.

Oh the tangled webs this man has woven.

According to Nashville Scene, it all began when it Hensley’s wife Gina obtained evidence of the affair and passed it along to Lori’s husband Don Barber. Although Joey and Lori claim their relationship began after the Hensley’s divorced in 2014, it appears based on phone calls and text messages Gina Hensley gave to Don Barber it actually began much earlier than that.

Joey Hensley made a name for himself as senator by doing everything he could to make life hell for the LGBTQ community in his state. As the New Zealand Herald reports, Hensley was responsible for a “Don’t Say Gay” bill intended to prevent teachers from even mentioning homosexuality in classrooms. Also, he was able to get a bill passed that allows school councillors at colleges to refuse working with LGBTQ students contemplating suicide if they opposed to it on religious or ‘moral’ grounds.

This was all part of his Christian values platform that he ran on apparently. Somehow, being divorced 4 times, having an affair with his cousin and pumping her with drugs is inline with Christian values, but two men or two women in love isn’t. Or, even worse, helping someone who is LGBTQ and considering suicide is somehow not what his god wants, but sexting with a relative is perfectly fine.
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