George Zimmerman Drops Racial Slur, Harasses Black Bar Patron In Latest Brush With Law (VIDEO)

George Zimmerman Drops Racial Slur, Harasses Black Bar Patron In Latest Brush With Law (VIDEO)

George Zimmerman just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. And he can’t seem to avoid racial discrimination either.

Zimmerman acts like a racist idiot once again

What happened this time? Officials say a sheriff’s deputy ordered him to leave a bar in central Florida after he used a racial slur against a black customer, whom he accused of hitting him. According to an incident report, the bar manager asked Seminole County deputies to remove Zimmerman on Wednesday after he allegedly yelled at a waitress and snatched her credit card. Zimmerman told deputies that he wanted the black customer to be arrested for hitting him. But a video from the bar shows that all the man did was give him two friendly pats on the arm. No arrests were made.

Bar manager Angel Benitez told the New York Daily News that staff asked to remove Zimmerman because he was creating a disturbance.

“We don’t tolerate any racial or bad behavior so that’s why we trespassed him,” Benitez said, using a term for asking police to remove someone.

Zimmerman gained notoriety when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, while on duty as a watchman.

He was acquitted in 2013 and has been acting like a jerk ever since.

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This isn’t the first time this man has caused trouble at a Florida eatery. In August, he called police and said he was punched in the face at Gators Riverside Grille. But according to the restaurant’s owners, the confrontation was only a shoving match that began after Zimmerman bragged about killing Martin. This is a man who has the sheer gall to call President Obama a racist. He has attacked the Black Lives Matter movement and is a person who should be noth ing more than a momentary blip on the screen of American history.

But he keeps inexplicably popping up as the poster boy for American crudeness. He’s a walking, talking symbol of everything that’s wrong with this country.

He’s the living definition of embarrassment in the flesh.

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Screencap courtesy of News 6/Click Orlando