Igor Volsky Shames NRA After Orlando Massacre

Thank you, Igor Volksy, Deputy Director of the Center for American Progress, for telling it like it is. The NRA, Congress, and the gun lobbyists are accomplices to every incident of gun violence that happens in the U.S. by licensed gun owners.

Around two a.m. on June 12, Omar Mateen allegedly entered an Orlando gay nightclub and began shooting at patrons in the club. Orlando authorities report that 50 people are confirmed dead, and 53 people are in critical condition. The Orlando shooting is the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Once again, Americans must face the reality and impact of our gun culture. Also, we must face the fact of homophobia and domestic terrorism, in particular, religious terrorism. Reports have surfaced Omar Mateen had a history of spewing anti-gay sentiments and pledged his support to ISIS. The suspects father confirmed to the news that his son was extremely homophobic and recently was irked after seeing two men kissing. Reports have also stated Mateen was under FBI surveillance for the past five years for his purported allegiance to ISIS.

Gun Culture And Mass Shootings

Mateen’s purported ties to ISIS and homophobia are far from shocking. The track record of religious radicalism against homosexuals long cemented itself into the fabric of our history. But religious radicals aren’t the only ones that put lives in danger. Gun rights groups like the NRA have blood on their hands, too. For years, Executive Vice President and CEO of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, and his lineage of goons, have marketed guns as necessary to the survival of life against the big bad boogie man: The United States government, those scary liberal communists, and anti-American Muslims.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

And what have those “good guys with guns” solved? Not a damn thing.

Mass shootings are not something only criminals with an illegal gun or an illegal immigrant or radical Islamic terrorist commit. Plenty of American citizens who are licensed gun owners have initiated acts of violence with a deadly weapon. Dylan Roof comes to mind. Wade Michael Page comes to mind. Adam Lanza, who was mentally ill, was able to get his hands on his mother’s legally purchased guns. Still, time and time again the NRA and Republicans continue to push the narrative that only known criminals commit crimes with illegal guns and that background checks, limiting magazines, or mental evaluations won’t decrease mass shootings.

Of course, this isn’t true. Countries with strict access to guns and with necessary gun control hardly ever experience gun violence or mass shootings. These violent acts seem to be strictly reserved for the United States and third world countries with little government oversight to the safety of their citizens.

Thus, as long as the NRA, Republican Congressmen (and some liberals), and gun rights lobbyists continue to press on with being against sensible gun measures, they are accomplices. Now, I’m not saying the NRA, Congressmen, and gun rights lobbyists are responsible for the shooter’s choices, but their hateful rhetoric and need to appease a culture of unlimited guns doesn’t help. I’m not the only one that holds that sentiment. Igor Volsky is with me, and I thank him for using the power of Twitter to reveal the true agenda of the gun rights lobbyists and their goons.

Here’re some tweets from Volksy rightfully shaming conservative politicians for expressing their grief over the recent mass shooting in Orlando, while simultaneously accepting funds from the NRA who actively fights against reasonable and sensible gun sense measures meant to protect lives.

So NRA, what’s more important, your bottom line or American lives?

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