“I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong,” Vermont state Sen. Normal McAllister protested when police arrested him outside the statehouse last Thursday.

Some, apparently, would beg to differ. The Burlington Free Press reports McAllister faces three felony charges for sexual assault, and three misdemeanor charges for soliciting women for sex. Despite all the damning testimony from victims gathered by investigators before the arrest, McAllister pleaded not guilty in court.

The following day, McAllister, 63, of Highgate pleaded not guilty in Vermont Superior Court in St. Albans to three felony counts of sexual assault. He also denied three misdemeanor counts of prohibited acts — two that allege he solicited a woman for prostitution and one accusing him of offering a woman a ride so she could engage in prostitution with farm workers, records show.

One woman allowed police to tape record her saying that McAllister had raped her twice.

State Police Detective Drew Cota wrote in court papers that one woman reported McAllister had raped her in Franklin County and also at his temporary residence in Montpelier. […] Cota said the woman provided a recorded statement indicating McAllister threw her on a bed in Franklin County and forced himself on her, while she resisted […] She reported McAllister also pulled her into bed during an incident at his Montpelier apartment, Cota wrote.

ABC 22 also mentions that McAllister offered another woman a sex-for-rent deal.

According to court documents, McAllister told a woman her son would avoid being evicted from a trailer he owned if she’d have sex with him. Court documents also outline two other victims in the case.

Raw Story adds McAllister’s case involves several victims, including “at least one child.”

The allegations against McAllister include that he exchanged sexual favors with two tenants in return for covering their rent and that he sexually assaulted a third woman. At least one of McAllister’s alleged victims was under the age of 18 during the time of the reported assault.

Oh, and then there’s that former staffer — now 20 years old — who told Seven Days McAllister repeatedly sexually assaulted her while she worked for him as a teenager.

[McAllister] first assaulted her when she was 15 or 16 years old and employed on his Franklin goat farm. The attacks continued over the years, the woman said, as she worked as his house cleaner, on his reelection campaign and as his ‘assistant’ at the Statehouse earlier this year.

Although we are supposed to hold people innocent until proven guilty in this country, things don’t look good for McAllister. There’s too much testimony against him already, and the police haven’t even finished investigating him yet. But of course — as always seems to happen in these cases — McAllisters’ neighbors from Highgate, Vt. say they’re “shocked” and they “don’t believe it.”

McAllister Faces Numerous Rape And Sexual Misconduct Charges.
Watch as Cenk Uygur an Ana Kasparian from The Young Turks take a look at the numerous charges against McAllister.

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