Three innocent people are dead in the streets of downtown Colorado Springs. Because apparently, their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness didn’t mean shit compared to the rights of some deranged asshole to possess and openly carry guns.

How could the three pedestrians know by looking at the armed man whether he was a so-called “good guy” with a gun or a bad guy with a gun? There’s only one way to find out, folks, and that’s by whether anyone ends up dead or not. The gunman, by the way, was a fourth fatality. He died at the hands of police who — had it been illegal for the shooter to be carrying the gun — might have shown up in time to save the other three lives.

I don’t give a fuck about all the lame excuses that you gun nuts have for why your fixation on your cold steel matters more than any single life of any other person walking on the face of the earth. I can’t be bothered with reading one more of your idiotic comments to that effect, so go ahead and rip me to shreds. You already have blood on your hands.

Is this a rant? You’re damned right it is. It’s about time every sane person in this country went into a rant and took their streets back from the loud and dangerous minority that is bullying us off of them.

The facts? A young man named Matt Abshire looked out his window Saturday and saw a man with a rifle. The gunman shot another man and continued walking down the street. Abshire followed with his cell phone, calling the police — who should have been notified the moment the shooter was spotted but, oh, no! Open carry! It was too late for the dead man on the sidewalk, but guess what? It was also too late for the two women that the murderer then spotted and shot down next.

Colorado Springs Or The Ok Corral?

The arrival of the police stopped the bloodshed, except for the fourth death. The shooter died in a gunfight with the policeModern day America, or the Wild West and the OK Corral? Is there a difference?

The police have joined the rest of us as targets in this shooting gallery. Maybe we can all practice a new game: Duck and Run — because the guy coming around the corner may be the one who sends you to meet your maker. Is he a bad guy? Or is he a good guy? Let’s just see if he kills anyone, and then we’ll know!

Why are the inmates running the asylum? Why are the gun nuts allowed to intimidate and bully virtually all of American society into acquiescence to this madness? Have we all lost our minds?

The facts and circumstances around the shooter DON’T MATTER! Was he insane? Who cares? Only two things matter. Number one, three innocent people are dead. Number two, NO ONE could know whether the gunman was a “good” guy or a “bad” guy until someone died. Oops. Three bodies. Guess he was a bad guy.

Pedestrians Dead, Witnesses Traumatized In  Colorado Springs

Abshire walked home with blood all over his hands. Do you know why? Because in a vain attempt to provide aid and comfort, he had cradled the bleeding head of a dying, innocent woman who was shot in the face on a city street. Do you know how long this 21-year-old man, Matt Abshire, is going to see the image of that woman dying in his lap? He’s one more victim whose life has been irrevocably changed by the gun lobby.

Wake up, AmericaYour streets are filled with the obscenities of gun violence and you — we — are allowing it. We all have blood on our hands.

But the gun nuts who have a twisted, distorted version of reality? The ones who are going to argue in the comments on this article? Don’t believe them. Don’t believe that they’re the “good” guys. Don’t believe that they’re “responsible” gun owners. If those things were true, they’d be looking for solutions. If those things were true, they’d value human lives over keeping a death grip on their cold, hard steel.

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