Trumpocalypse Now: Survival Bunker Sales Skyrocket Amidst Doomsday Scenarios

Trumpocalypse Now: Survival Bunker Sales Skyrocket Amidst Doomsday Scenarios

Donald Trump’s campaign and election to the highest office in the land has panicked scores of Americans and as a result, sales of survival bunkers are skyrocketing — as much as 500 to 700 percent depending upon the retailer. Apparently there is plenty of uncertainty to go around, according to Raw Story. 

On MSNBC Saturday morning, Texas contractor Clyde Scott said the demand for the bunkers is so high he can’t keep enough in stock.

“In the Obama administration our sales went up 250 percent,” Scott said. “The Trump administration, in the past month, our sales went up 500 percent.” 

Most of his clients hope they don’t have to use their survival bunkers, Scott said.

“If you have to come in here, that means the outside world no longer exists as we know it,” he said. “This is the doomsday scenario, right here.”

Clients are terrified that war will break out with another country or civil unrest will explode if society slides into a downward spiral, Scott added.

Some shelters are quite spare while others are luxurious, replete with pool tables and hot tubs. Price tags can range into the millions.

And some customers, like bunker buyer Josh Greenhaw say “You can never have too much protection.”

Bunker sales are also doing a booming business deep in the heart of Trumpland — otherwise known as Texas.

Gary Lynch has a warehouse that’s as large as football field, located about an hour away from Dallas, and his business has definitely picked up since Trump won the election, he told The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He’s in the middle of readying a 600-square-foot model for a well-heeled customer from Saudi Arabia. Right now, the underground bunker is little more than a shell, but once it’s completed it will have a master bedroom, four bunk beds, a composting toilet, a living room with satellite TV capability, filtered air and water, and a storage closet with enough room for several months of food.

Lynch says that orders for his most expensive bunkers, which can cost millions of dollars, have increased since Trump was elected.

“It definitely has picked up a little as Donald Trump emerged as president,” said Lynch, who is the general manager of Rising S Co. Some customers even joke that they are trying to protect themselves against a “Trumpocalypse” or “Trumpnado,” he said.

“There’s some people who maybe even voted for Donald Trump and may be worried some of the riots are going to get out of hand and there’s going to be social or civil unrest,” he said.

“Then you’ve got people who didn’t vote for him and are thinking that now that he’s the president maybe he’s going to start a war. There’s definitely been some renewed interest from people since the election.”

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And indeed, sales of the most luxurious bunkers have risen sharply — as much as 700 percent in recent months, Lynch said. He didn’t provide specific data about how many units he usually sells, but said Rising S Co. has recorded $14 million dollars in sales over the past year.

Since he’s been building these shelters for the past 14 years, he’s made a few observations.

“When a Republican is president, the Left wants to buy a bunker,” he said. “It’s the opposite when a Democrat is president.”

And while doomsday prepping — stockpiling food and other necessities in a reinforced, frequently underground shelter has been around for years, this was usually the mainstay of Americans with Libertarian leanings — people who were afraid the government was going to turn on them. Switch Libertarians with centrists and Leftists now that Trump is in office, and you have the same thing, but obviously to a considerably higher degree.

During the 1950s and 1960s, thousands of homeowners built underground shelters, especially in 1962 when, during the John F. Kennedy administration, the U.S. and Russia nearly tumbled into nuclear war at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

You can watch MSNBC’s interview with Clyde Scott in the video below.


Photo by John Moore/Getty Images