Fire Chief Calls NFL Coach a "No Good N*gger" After Protest

Trump’s America: Fire Chief Calls NFL Coach a “No Good N*gger” After Protest

updated 9-26-17 at 2:42pm

NFL-Trump tensions are growing

When the Ku Klux Klan ran unrestrained throughout the south during the Jim Crow era of the early 20th century, there were many reports of fire departments responding to acts of arson against African Americans, only to not actually do anything. They would just sit in their trucks and watch things burn to the ground, most notably the KKK’s trademark cross.

While in the present day the vast majority of firemen are honest, hard-working people that strive to help everyone equally, there will always be a few rotten apples amongst the bunch. Since President Trump was elected, we have noted countless times how hate crimes went on the rise in the United States. Whether or not he actually supports their actions (and the evidence is certainly there), there is no denying the fact that he appealed to them during the Republican Primary and general election. This culminated in, of course, the recent “Unite the Right Rally” which saw domestic terrorist activities that caused over 40 civilian casualties.

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Trump’s refusal to disavow the entirety of the supremacist movement was no doubt the second calling card to the fringe elements of America that it was alright to come out, and now we are seeing a third encouragement in the form of the NFL protests. For those unaware, the President, at yet another pep rally, labeled Colin Kaepernick a “son of a bitch” for refusing to stand during the national anthem, and called for the NFL to fire him and anyone else that participated.

This, of course, backfired, resulting in Kaepernick’s protests receiving large support not just from the public, but from players across different teams, including: Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw, and Rex Ryan.

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Unfortunately, not everyone joined the NFL in being against the President. Numerous people across the nation have made it clear that they will not support the NFL anymore for its apparent disrespect of the flag (not realizing the US Flag Code is constantly violated by private businesses and individuals). One of these counter-protesters, a fire chief named Paul Smith from Pittsburgh, took things further by calling Steeler’s Coach Mike Tomlin a “no good n*gger” on Twitter.

Smith has, of course, apologized for his actions, blaming it on the heat of the moment rather than his own subdued bigotry. But his words genuinely make one wonder how many more of his ilk are strewn throughout the countryside. In some ways, perhaps it was for the better that Trump brought these weeds out as it makes it easier to pull them from positions of power in society. But on the other hand, it is, and will always remain, shocking.


If you want to voice your concerns about Chief Smith, contact the Cecil Township Municipal Authority with the following information:

  • 3599 Millers Run Road Cecil, Pa 15321
  • 724-745-2227 Phone
  • 724-745-2905 Fax

Check out the CBS video report below:

Image a screen capture from CBS Pittsburgh’s video