She Voted for Trump Because of Immigration - Two Years Later, Her Daughter-in-Law was Deported

She Voted for Trump Because of Immigration – Two Years Later, Her Daughter-in-Law was Deported

Trump supporters are reaping the whirlwind

Trump voters come from many different backgrounds, with some worth sympathizing with and others worth scorning at. There were those who felt the establishment nature of Hillary Clinton made her too susceptible to corporate demands, and therefore fell for the pseudo-populism of Donald Trump. That’s understandable.

But then there were others who wanted all the “illegal criminals” dwelling in this country to be deported. This more than likely arose out of a belief that President Obama had been too lenient on said policies, even though his administration deported a significant number of people compared to previous presidencies.

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Shirley Stegall was one of those pro-deportation Trump supporters. Once proud to be an American, no doubt especially after Trump’s election, her world came tumbling down when her daughter-in-law, Letty Stegall, was deported back in February 2018. It turns out Stegall had illegally come into the country in 1999 when she decided to believe in the American Dream and seek greater opportunity here.

Letty is, of course, the kind of immigrant that the United States should want and does need, but under the Gestapo-esque Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) of the Trump Administration, those people are getting mixed in with the few yet real criminals and gang-members that inhabit this country. In mid-July 2018, it was even reported that the Administration was planning on going after naturalized citizens that they deemed illegitimate.

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Unfortunately for Letty, she received a drunk driving misdemeanor charge in 2012, which put her on ICE’s watch-list of undocumented citizens. Fast-forward six years later and now she’s unable to visit her husband Steve and 17 year-old daughter because of this administration’s focus on separating families.

These actions have done nothing but inspire anger in Steve against Trump:

“He’s destroying American lives. How can you do this? How can you do this to your own American people?”

As for Shirley, well, at the very least, she is now “ashamed” of being an American and supporting the Trump Administration’s brand of federal law enforcement. But anyone who paid close attention to Trump’s rhetoric during the campaign trail would have understood that those were always going to be his intentions. You do not call most of the immigrants coming into the United States from Mexico “rapists” and criminals without having any plans to act upon that sentiment.

Trump’s base was made up of those people, and with 2018 being a major election year for his brand of Republicanism, it stands to reason that he is taking this opportunity to expand his immigration protocols. While I do hope that Letty gets reunited with her family in the future, I do not believe that it will be happening anytime soon so long as this man is in office.

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