Watch Russian President Putin's Stunning Admission of Aiding Trump's Campaign on Live TV

Watch Russian President Putin’s Stunning Admission of Aiding Trump’s Campaign on Live TV

This has to be seen to be believed…

Reporter: “Did you want President trump to win the election, and did you direct any of your officials to help him do that?”

Putin: “Yes I did. Yes I did. Because he talked about bringing the U.S., Russia relationship back to normal.”

Well, there you have it, folks. Standing side by side with Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin just told a member of the American press that yes, he did direct Russian officials to help Donald Trump win the election.

That is an admission of election interference. An admission of an act of war. And although Putin had, according to Trump, privately denied it, and earlier in the same press conference had denied it, Putin’s answer to the question about directing Russian officials to help Trump win was “a rare slip-up”, as news pundits immediately put it in the minutes that followed, by the former KGB officer who is now Russia’s dictator. Putin had a Freudian slip. He slipped up, and told the truth.

And how did the American president Russia helped install in office react? He stood by, and did worse than nothing. He argued against America’s own evidence, and even in the face of a blunt admission of guilt, offered praise, not rebuke.

This is treason. There is no other word for it. The President is a traitor, and that is now as clear as glass. And if they weren’t already, anyone who continues to oppose and try to obstruct or delay the Special Counsel’s investigation after today, is a traitor too.

Read the whole shameful transcript here, from NPR.

UPDATE: Some outlets, such as Business Insider, are reporting that Putin answered only the first half of the question, about whether he wanted Trump to win the Presidency, and did not answer whether he ordered interference.  However, that does not fit the structure of Putin’s answer. Putin was asked a two part question: did he want Trump to win, and did he order his officials to help Trump win. He was not asked why. Putin gave a three part answer. He answered, “yes I did” twice, once to each part of the question he was asked. “Yes I did” (want Trump to win), and “yes I did” (order my government to interfere in the election on Trump’s behalf). And then he offered a reason why. To report otherwise would be to ignore what Putin actually said.

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