The conservative bias on Fox News is so blatant and obvious to casual observers that all one can do sometimes is shake their head and laugh. But have you ever wondered how this notorious ‘news’ network would have covered some notable historical events? If so, we’ve got you covered right here…

‘If Fox News Was Around In…”

Watergate cover-up, 1974.

Fox covers every bullshit Obama scandal out there nearly 24/7, but if a right-wing republican is thought to be involved in a scandal, they look the other way.

Moon landing, July 20, 1969.

Can you imagine all of the conspiracy theories Fox would peddle to their brain-dead viewers if Neil Armstrong had been the first man on the moon under an Obama presidency?

First episode of Sesame Street, Nov. 10, 1969.

This one is just too obvious, since Fox’s “news” coverage is all about tying blacks, welfare and food stamps together to perpetuate racial stereotypes. And of course they’d also claim that Bert and Ernie are homosexuals who are trying to indoctrinate America’s children into that “lifestyle.”

July 30, 1965: LBJ signs the Medicare bill into law.

The real socialized health care in America is Medicare, and not so much Obamacare, but when George W. Bush expanded the program, nary a peep was heard from those who oppose government-run health care. LBJ would have taken a beating from the capitalist tools on Fox.


We all know that bombing and shooting people saves lives. It was on Fox News, after all.

Pearl Harbor: December 7, 1941.

Well, President Obama WAS born in Hawaii. Unless you’re an idiot, in which case he was born in Kenya or some other African country those same idiots couldn’t locate on a map.

13th Amendment banning slavery in the U.S., 1865.

Fox would have steadfastly stood up for slave owners, since they were “job creators” who were nice enough to employ those black people as slaves.

The Monkees’ U.S. debut, Sept. 12, 1966.

Who the hell would ever rip on the Monkees? We have your answer right here.

President Richard Nixon indicted in Watergate scandal, then resigns: March, 1974.

We promise you that most Fox “News” channel viewers, if they had been around in 1974, would have been convinced that Watergate was a nefarious liberal plot to undermine Nixon’s presidency.

FDR signs Fair Labor Standards Act banning child labor, June 25, 1938.

The Fox “News” capitalists would love to go back to the days before FDR’s Fair Labor Standards Act. What better way to help the rich get richer than employing children for 2 bucks an hour?

Civil rights activist Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to give up her seat on the bus. Dec. 1, 1955.

There is no question that racist Fox “News” network would have labelled Rosa Parks as a terrorist.

Thanks to Fox News reports like this, Dr. Seuss books would have likely been banned in the South. Along with Sesame Street.

What better way to tarnish an icon than to insinuate that they might be a “secret Muslim?” Even back then, before there were Fox News Islamophobes, there were just plain old Islamophobes.

If there was ever a man with long hair who walked on water and dedicated his life to helping the poor, Fox News would have had a problem with it. Say it with me… “damn hypocrites!”

Seeing that Al Sharpton is considered to be Public Enemy #1 by Fox News and their malleable viewers these days, what do you think they would have thought of Martin Luther King?

JFK would have received the same horrible treatment given to President Obama by Fox News back in the day. It would have been hard for them to hide their giddiness when JFK was assassinated.

These so-called “patriots” bear a strong resemblance to the modern-day Tea Party.

This Fox News report would have been one of the few times they were correct. Many of their viewers need to watch this hypothetical Fox News blurb.

Joe McCarthy’s excessive paranoia and demagoguery would have been perfect for Fox’s agenda. If he were still around today, he’d make Alex Jones look sane by comparison.

Before there were homosexuals “demanding special treatment,” there were blacks. Much to the chagrin of Fox’s far-right conservatives, both groups have made major inroads towards receiving “special treatment.”

SCOTUS Loving vs. Virginia ruling on mixed-race marriage, June 12, 1967,
Boy, allowing mixed-race marriages really destroyed the sanctity of marriage, huh?

FDR signs the Fair Labor Standards Act, June 25, 1938.

The answer, of course, turned out to be a resounding “no.”
Boston Tea Party, December 16, 1773.
Why did Fox News hate America?
1932, Great Depression shanty town.
This is exactly how the people at Fox would have covered Henry Ford, then the richest man in the entire world, laying off two-thirds of his work force.
JFK ends Bay of Pigs crisis with Cuba. Oct. 28, 1962.

This was the day the Cuban Missile Crisis came to an end, and of course Fox would have spun a “good news” story into something else since that liberal JFK occupied the White House.

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