OMG: Trump's Note Cards From Gun Violence Listening Session EXPOSED

OMG: Trump’s Note Cards From Gun Violence Listening Session EXPOSED

As the nation is still reeling from the horrific Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that killed 17 in Florida last week, many eyes were on Donald Trump, and his much publicize “listening session” that took place at the White House on Wednesday.


In attendance were survivors of the horrible attack, as well as other advocates that had been affected by gun violence in some way.

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If anyone was hoping that, given the somber circumstances, Trump would present himself as anything other than the completely clueless narcissist he actually is, they were sorely disappointed. From the beginning, the crowd itself seemed suspiciously complimentary of Trump, but never mind all of that.

The Associated Press tweeted a photo of Trump holding his note cards, and aside from the fact that he apparently has “45” embroidered on the cuffs of his shirts (yeah, dude, we know. We are all mortified by it daily), what’s legible in his hand confirms that this is a man that needs to be reminded to be compassionate. Or, at least pretend to be:

Some samples, below:

“What would you want me to know most about your experience?” 

And also,

“What can we do to help you feel (presumably – word obscured) safe?” 

And, finally, wow;

“I hear you.”

Really, Donald? Do you? If you hear us, may I quickly ask “RELEASE YOUR TAXES!”

image via screengrab