Donald Trump’s Decisions On Intel And Security Could Be Rooted In Paranoia

Alex Jones could be the reason why President-elect Donald Trump has shown an unprecedented level of distrust when it comes to U.S. intelligence and the Secret Service.

Jones, of InfoWars and conspiracy-theory fame, is now pushing the outlandish theory that the CIA wants to kill Trump. In fact, Jones believes that the findings showing Russia’s influence on the election is the CIA’s way of instigating what amounts to legal assassination of the President-elect.

Since the CIA, along with multiple other U.S. intelligence sources, blamed Russia for election interference, Trump has openly dismissed their findings. Furthermore, he’s missed an astounding number of daily presidential briefings. Kellyanne Conway even admitted openly that, once he becomes president, Trump will be installing his own people into intelligence agencies – a scary proposition.

And now Trump is refuses to give up his private security detail. This is a bad decision on many levels. Security experts explain why. First of all, Trump’s decision to keep his aggressive team of private security guards endangers law-abiding citizens. Secondly, it endangers Trump as well. With both Secret Service and a private firm,  there’s a chance for confusion in the chain of command.

Former Secret Service agent Jonathan Wackrow stated that combining private security with the Secret Service “increases the Service’s liability, it creates greater confusion and it creates greater risk.”

Donald’s Decisions Make No Sense…Until You Hear Alex Jones

It seems unclear why Trump would put himself at risk by bucking the Secret Service. It’s also an unknown as to why he would put the entire nation at risk by ignoring intelligence sources.

Until you hear Alex Jones’s latest conspiracy theory. The latest from Jones may put it into context. And the two certainly have a relationship of mutual respect.

Donald Trump has been known to push InfoWars conspiracy theories – massive voter fraud, for example. Both Donald and Donald, Jr. have shared articles from InfoWars. Trump himself was a guest in 2015. In fact, he complimented Jones on his “amazing” reputation. And lastly, Alex Jones was one of the people Trump called after his election to thank him for his support.

All of that is scary enough, but this new conspiracy theory of Alex Jones may point to an even bigger, scarier problem. What if Trump is allowing these crazed, unfounded theories to shape policy and action?

Alex Jones Releases An ‘Emergency Message’ To His Fans

Jones responded to the reports connecting Trump to the Kremlin. Those findings, Jones claimed, “could be used inside government to trigger emergency systems under COG (continuity of government) that if a major leader like the president is actually a foreign agent they can then reportedly be taken out. And so to have the bold move of implying that a president-elect is being manipulated and controlled by the Russians is a very, very serious telltale sign that they could be thinking about bringing in outside mercenaries or other agencies to actually try to assassinate the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, before he even gets into office. Because remember: They are incredibly desperate right now.”

Jones released an “emergency message” to his followers.

“I contacted the proper parties. I have run this intel up a lot of important, informed flagpoles. And they all concur that there is a plan — which we now see is quite evident — to try to steal the election from the American people and Donald J. Trump. This is done to trigger COG and other systems, where they can try to get quasi-rogue groups to believe they’ve got legal standing to try to basically take out Trump.”

Jones released both these statements, which can be heard in the video below, earlier this month.  Normally, Alex Jones spreading wild conspiracy theories simply isn’t newsworthy. But with the known connection between Trump and Jones, it’s plausible that Jones could be helping shape some of Donald Trump’s decisions.

And that does make it newsworthy. After all, Jones has access to Trump, and, as he said, has “contacted the proper parties” regarding this insane theory.

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What if the “proper parties” are Donald Trump and his private security team?

The possibility that Alex Jones is now shaping Trump’s decisions takes concern over his leadership abilities to a whole new level.

Watch the video below.

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