The Anatomy Of A Trump Supporter

The Anatomy Of A Trump Supporter

Donald Trump Inexplicably Has Millions Of Supporters. What Does That Say About Our Nation As A Whole?

Trump supporters. There are millions of them, and the rest of this country — thankfully a majority of voters, however slim that majority might sometimes be — are scratching our heads. Never in American history has a person challenged seriously for the White House with so little of value to say, so few qualifications… so few functional brain cells. Donald Trump marks a low in American political history, and Trump supporters back him with Nazi-like enthusiasm in droves.

Perhaps scariest of all is the fact that we, as a society, had no idea Donald Trump’s rise was even possible. We weren’t prepared for it. At each and every stage of the primary season, the media thought Donald Trump would fade back into political obscurity. That he’d use his run as a platform to tout some new poorly-written book authored by a budget ghost writer, or some lame new reality television program.

But here we are, less than a month out from election day, and Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton by a paltry seven and a half points (on aggregate). It’s enough to give most Americans sleepless nights. However far ahead Clinton is, she isn’t far enough, and there’s still a very real chance Trump could somehow pull ahead; that some October surprise might sink Hillary (it is the month for that, after all). America is teetering on the precipice of whatever twelve hells a Trump presidency would likely bring.

How on Earth did our nation end up here? To understand that, we need to appreciate what makes a Trump supporter tick. We need to look into their minds — into their souls — and try to figure out how and why these people exist. Appreciating this may be the only thing that saves this country from someone even worse than Donald Trump making a similar ascent in 2020 or 2024.

The Anatomy Of A Trump Supporter

What defines a typical Trump supporter? What conditions are necessary for one to exist? Let’s break down the mental makeup of an average Trump supporter, shall we?

They’re not politically savvy, or even politically intelligent. A typical Trump supporter has little understanding or appreciation of current affairs and makes little to no effort to educate themselves on said affairs. They’re the sort of person who reads the headline, not the actual content of the article. Most of their news comes from social media directly, without their so much as clicking a link. The few who do click links typically only do so in the capacity of an Internet troll, hoping to rile progressives in the comments section. Some might gather “news” from right-wing propaganda sites likes Breitbart or CainTV, but they have zero interest whatsoever in trying to appreciate the points of view of others with whom they likely disagree.

No appreciation of factual information. This could have been grouped in with that last point, but I thought it deserved a paragraph of its own. Trump supporters seem to believe that factual information and statistics are subjective; that they can freely disbelieve something is true simply because it’s easier than facing the reality that they’re wrong about something. That’s why Trump can get away with making the ridiculous claim that half of the country is unemployed. That’s why it’s so easy for them to believe Trump is actually capable of doing the things he claims he’ll do, despite so many knowledgeable people and groups arguing to the contrary. That’s why they’re so gullible whenever a conspiracy theory is set before them. Speaking of conspiracy theories…

They’re all keen on at least one or two conspiracy theories. Birtherism, Benghazi, Agenda 21, FEMA concentration camps, the government coming for their guns, Sharia Law, common core, Jade Helm… I could go on for a pretty long time here, but I do have editors, and they need to sleep and see their families, so I’ll restrain myself. Every Trump supporter I’ve ever spoken with believes in at least one or two wacky conspiracy theories, none of which have any basis in reality and all of which are very easily debunked by spending fifteen seconds on Google with a small dash of objectivity.

They all have some degree of racism. In some cases it’s flat-out bigotry; hatred of people of color. In most instances however (or so it seems based on my own observations), a typical Trump supporter is racially-insensitive and/ or ignorant, oftentimes willfully, of issues affecting other races. They may not have textbook hate in their hearts, but they don’t have love or compassion either.

They’re paranoid, if not all-around terrified, of just about everything. It’s rare to go more than two or three sentences into a conversation with a Trump supporter before they tell you something they’re afraid of. They’re terrified of gay people, of minorities, of Muslims. They’re afraid of a changing America; a nation on the cusp of a new golden age of progressivism, a society where people of their ilk have no place. They subconsciously realize that the world has moved past their archaic mode of thinking and is ready to advance on several levels, and that change frightens the crap out of them. And that they might need to adapt to this new society? That scares them a whole lot more.

They like that Donald Trump is just as stupid as they are. They love that Donald Trump fearlessly stands before large crowds and shouts the ignorant nonsense they themselves only recite in private circles. Donald Trump has rather creatively seized hold of America’s right-wing consciousness. He’s almost playfully prancing around each point mentioned in this article — he’s political ignorant, he’s blissfully unappreciative of factual information, he openly supports and believes in conspiracy theories (especially when he makes them himself), he’s loudly and fervently bigoted, and he’s terrified of everything, change itself particularly. He doesn’t just represent his supporters… he’s one of them. And no one loves Donald Trump more than Donald Trump loves himself, so he’s not just a Trump supporter… he’s the proto Trump supporter. The original. The real deal Holyfield (sorry, Evander, for using you in that reference).

So there you have it, folks. The six factors that consistently make up every Donald Trump supporter in America. Now we know who they are. We know what makes them tick. And most importantly, we know what to watch for down the road. If a presidential candidate were to follow Trump’s formula, winning over these sorts of people would be key to a potential victory, and it’s never too early to brace for catastrophe.

Photo by Gage Skidmore