Ann Coulter Attacks Immigrants With Lies

Ann Coulter Attacks Immigrants With Lies

Every 4 years, Ann Coulter crawls out of whatever crypt she is haunting and starts attacking the weak, the innocent, and the helpless. This year she is attacking immigrants. Apparently she has infected Donald Trump with the virus of anti-immigrant fever. Trump has taken her meme and shot to the top of the early presidential polls.

Whatever Coulter says or writes has only one purpose: To enrich Ann Coulter. As Columbia Journalism Review wrote, at least half of what she writes is just plain fabrication:

“Out of 40 comments from her book ‘Slander’, …twenty-one would not pass without major debate”

This is the way that genteel Ivy League Universities call someone a liar. Coulter herself is much cruder when she wants to make a point. USA Today once fired Coulter for describing women at the Democratic National Convention as

“corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing, hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie-chick pie wagons.”

To get an idea of how brazenly Coulter lies, take a look at a quote from her latest book, Adios, America!

“For forty years, the people have tried to tell politicians they want less immigration, but the politicians won’t listen…Both political parties connive to grant illegal aliens citizenship…and the media hides the evidence.”

You must have been living in a cave (or a crypt) without electricity for the last decade to believe that statement. The following anti-immigrant politicians have been given prominence in all the media: Joe Arpaio, Sam Brownback, Michael Steele, Allen West, Jesse Ventura, Jan Brewer. All of them frequently attack the government for letting immigrants stay in the country. Sure, they’re all Republicans. But for Ann Coulter, all these politicians don’t exist, because if they did, the thesis of her book is just false. And they do exist, and it is false.

Coulter has a real weak spot when it comes to statistics, yet she believes she can convince people through her use of them. When Geraldo pointed out that areas with large immigration populations have low crime rates, she interrupts him by shrieking,

“Look, you’re talking about a correlation, not a causation…That’s not because of immigration!”

But Geraldo was not trying to prove that immigration lowers crime rates, he was only pointing out that where there are large immigrant populations, the crime rate is low. If Coulter’s argument (the thesis in her book) were true, these immigrant-rich areas would be “Hell-Holes” (her word). But they’re not. So her thesis is disproved.

Coulter also refuses to admit that four years of partial legalization of marijuana have achieved what 50 years of police crackdowns could not: a decrease in the amount of marijuana smuggled into the US and therefore a decrease in the amount of money going to Mexican cartels. According to, marijuana seizures at the border have decreased up to 34% between 2011 and 2014.

The best way to crack down on smuggling remains today as it was 50 years ago: legalize all drugs and treat them as a medical problem, not a crime.

Image: Drawing by Holly Masri CC-4.0 based on Wikimedia Commons image.