Astonishing 25 Percent Of Trump Presidency Has Been Vacation Time In Florida

Astonishing 25 Percent Of Trump Presidency Has Been Vacation Time In Florida

Beach Bum Trump Has FINALLY Left Florida After Spending a Quarter Of His Presidency On Vacation At His Swanky Florida Golf Club

On the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, I remember thinking to myself how great it would be if the incoming Neanderthal-In-Chief pulled a George W. Bush and spent as much time as humanly possible on vacation, giving himself less time to fuck up the country. I imagined him picking up the phone in the Oval Office with his orange, pint-sized Vienna sausage fingers and placing obscene calls to foreign dignitaries, and I thought “yep, get that asshole a putter and some alone time with Chuck Norris and other fringers at some golf course he owns.”

Well… so far, so good. Trump has already spent a quarter of his presidency on vacation — as much of a vacation as presidents really get, anyway — at a swanky golf club he owns in Palm Beach, Florida called the Mar-a-Lago. A vacation that has already cost taxpayers an estimated $10 million, despite Trump owning the place. He’s only been in office for a month, but he’s already taking as many days away from work as possible.

Trump did get some work done during his trips, interviewing candidates to replace Michael Flynn and playing golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which is at least half-work and half-play. He also put together a frenzied rally for about 9,000 of his local brownshirts during which he rolled out all of his hits (you know… xenophobia, making things up out of thin air, the usual Trump nonsense).

Given how secretive and fearful his administration is of the news media, it’s impossible to pinpoint just how much of Trump’s time spent in Florida was focused on leisurely activities. There has been practically no transparency coming out of Trump’s White House, with reporters being kept as far away from Trump during his personal time as possible.

It might behoove Trump to take a bit of advice regarding taxpayer-funded vacations and campaign-like activities while on the job, but who could really get that message across to a man who doesn’t seem to think much of outside advice? Well, we could ask Donald Trump himself, I suppose; he frequently tweeted complaints toward then-President Obama, saying he was spending too much time on vacation and/ or playing golf:

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