Chief Trump Adviser Admits Donald Lied to Massive Voter Block About Bringing Their Jobs Back

Chief Trump Adviser Admits Donald Lied to Massive Voter Block About Bringing Their Jobs Back

Trump lied to get their vote — Now they are paying the price

Coal miners voted for Donald Trump out a sense of quiet desperation, hoping that he would keep his promises to them. But now they know those promises were hollow and those jobs are gone, never to return.

He lied to current and former coal miners alike, in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Western Pennsylvania.

“We’re going to get those miners back to work … the miners of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, which was so great to me last week, Ohio and all over are going to start to work again, believe me. They are going to be proud again to be miners.”

Based on this promise, coal miners went for Trump in a big way, with Hillary Clinton failing to win even one county in West Virginia. In Kentucky, Trump won all but two counties, and Clinton also lost mining communities in Pennsylvania and Ohio, PBS News Hour reports.

But the promise he made during his campaign has now died in the wind.

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Coal company owners and Republicans like to blame the job losses and bankruptcies in the Appalachian region on “federal regulations” but that’s a lie as well. Automation, the natural gas boom and an international decline in the demand for coal are the real reasons that the coal industry in the U.S. is falling behind, PBS reports.

From 2011 to 2015, more than 26,000 jobs in the coal mining industry have vanished. Just. Like. That. An astounding 87 percent of those jobs came from the Appalachian region, according to the Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration. In the last two years, a number of major coal companies have filed for bankruptcy, including Peabody Energy, Arch Coal and Alpha Natural Resources.

And Trump’s economic adviser, Gary Cohn admitted to reporters that Trump’s promises were nothing more than air.

“Coal doesn’t even make that much sense anymore as a feedstock,” Cohn said, while traveling on Air Force One on Thursday. He was referring to raw materials that are converted into fuel.

As the Director of the White House’s National Economic Council, Cohn sings the praises of natural gas as “such a cleaner fuel,” and one that the U.S. is “an abundant producer of.”

But now here’s the part where the warning comes in:

Cohn sounds like a good guy, but he’s also a former executive for Goldman Sachs, which means there’s plenty of tarnish on that otherwise golden image. How trustworthy this man is, I can’t tell you. But he deserves credit for promoting at least some industries that are better for the planet.

Trump rarely mentions the potential of renewable energy, instead preferring to support an industry that’s dying, having gone as far as to sign executive orders to ease regulatory burdens on the industry. Even though there are few, if any signs that this industry is ever coming back.

But Cohn has his eyes on the green industry prize. And frankly, he’s got the right idea.

“If you think about how solar and how much wind power we’ve created in the United States, we can be a manufacturing powerhouse and still be environmentally friendly,” he said.

NASA has repeatedly warned climate-change-denier-in-chief Trump that the planet’s warming temperature are devastating life on earth, and coal really needs to be dropped like the dying industry it is. But here’s the other bit of bad news, because Cohn, supports fracking, which is a toxic industry. 

And with these industries comes the promise of jobs, so here’s an idea: Why not train unemployed coal workers in these jobs? These people have done so much for the rest of us and received little appreciation in return. After they have worked so hard, it would be wonderful to give back to them.

Since Trump has completely jerked them around, this would be a start.

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images