Freedom Caucus Chairman Opposed To GOP Healthcare Plan Despite Trump's Threats (VIDEO)

Freedom Caucus Chairman Opposes GOP Healthcare Plan Despite Trump’s Threats (VIDEO)

When President Donald Trump issued a stern warning Tuesday to Republicans who plan to vote no on repealing Obamacare on Thursday, some appeared to say “Yeah, so?” reports The Hill. He appeared to be aiming his words at members of the House Freedom Caucus. Many members, however, weren’t impressed.

Trump ‘jokingly’ attacks Freedom Caucus Members

One of them was Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), chairman of the House Freedom Caucus. He says he isn’t worried about losing his seat in 2018 if the Obamacare repeal fails.

“I serve at the pleasure of the people of western North Carolina, and when you serve at their pleasure, it’s only those 750,000 people that can send you home,” Meadows told reporters on Tuesday. “It’s a temporary job and I’ve known that from day one.”

I don’t know how pleased the people are, but he’s been in office since January 2013, so perhaps his rather grandiose statement has a ring of truth. Perhaps.

But Trump, on the other hand is not pleased, and he thinks he’s got Meadows’s number. Meadows, an ally of Trump during his presidential campaign, says he is confident enough that his conservative group has enough votes to block the repeal, and as the president addressed him during his speech, Meadows stood up.

“I think Mark Meadows will get there too. … Because honestly, a loss is not acceptable folks,” Trump said, addressing the Freedom Caucus Chairman.

“Oh Mark, I’m coming after you,” he said as the room erupted in laughter.

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo) noted Meadows’s face “turned pretty red.”

“Mark Meadows got slapped around big time,” said one GOP member.

But Meadows and fellow Freedom Caucus leader Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said Trump’s appearance at the meeting didn’t sway their votes.

“I’m still a ‘no’ because the bill we’re currently considering does not lower premiums for the vast majority of Americans,” Meadows said as he left the meeting.

Meadows said he thinks Trump’s plan will actually drive insurance premiums up, The Hill notes here. As it stands the plan still includes protections for those of us who have pre-existing conditions and doesn’t remove the ObamaCare provision that stipulates insurance companies must provide essential health benefits.

As someone with several pre-existing conditions, I’m offended by this. In past years I’ve paid more than $500 per month due to these conditions. While I agree with some of what Meadows is doing, he’s being extremely callous here. But that’s not unusual for Republicans, who frequently stop at nothing to steal whatever they can from poor people.

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And there’s more than a good chance that the bill won’t pass, Rare notes. Many Republican members of Congress don’t particularly care for the bill in its current form, saying that it doesn’t effectively repeal and replace ObamaCare. Some Freedom Caucus members refer to the bill as “ObamaCare Lite.” And during a meeting Monday night, several declared they have enough votes to block the bill.

Freedom Caucus members know what’s ahead

Meadows is well aware there could be a big fight ahead, but he seems ready.

“I certainly think that the president is the best guy to bring this home and close this deal out,” he said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to do that, but if everyone’s entrenched at this particular point its going to be a very difficult 48 hours.”

Trump seems to have a difficult time with the idea that you can’t always get what you want. He may be the president, but he repeatedly acts like the spoiled-child-in-chief and seems to think temper tantrums are the way to go. I realize this may be unlikely, but there’s a small chance that he’ll learn to behave.

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