Bernie Sanders To GOP: Your Obamacare Repeal Effort Is “A Waste Of Time.”

Never ones to miss a chance to launch yet another doomed Obamacare repeal effort, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY-Jelly) and his gang of 53 are up to their old tricks again. Oh, and this time, their bill revokes funding for Planned Parenthood, too.  The Huffington Post reports:

Republicans will use a special budgetary tool, known as reconciliation, to take up a bill that would gut most of Obamacare. By using reconciliation, they only need 51 votes to pass it, and Republican leadership is confident they have the votes. The House already passed their version of the bill in late October.

A “special budgetary tool” wielded by some very special tools? Well, isn’t this special. So which Obamacare repeal effort is it this time? Nobody really seems to know. Huffpo says there’s “some disagreement” on the number of attempts; Rachel Maddow declares they’ve done it so many danged times she’s lost count, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) guesses “50-something,” and Raw Story came up with 61 tries (though that was way back in October).

What ever happened to the good old days when the Republican party was all about making our government more efficient and cost-effective? Now all they do is waste time and taxpayer’s money trying to shut down the U.S. government and gut programs the American people support. No wonder a furious Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) took to the Senate floor to blast his GOP colleagues from here to Kingdom Come.

“This bill should tell every American just how far removed the Republican leadership here in Congress is from the realities of American life and the needs of the American people.”

He went on to point out that we’re “the only major country on earth” that doesn’t guarantee access to healthcare for all of our citizens and that despite the ACA’s success, we still have 29 million people who lack health insurance (thanks to GOP governors refusing to expand Medicaid) and more who can’t afford their prescriptions and who have high deductibles. But really, as Sanders thunders at his colleagues, the whole thing’s a damned “waste of time.”

“Furthermore, it’s a total waste of time I think everybody here in the Senate understands this, the bill we are debating today is a complete waste of time. This is just another reason why the American people have so little respect for the Congress.”

Given all the “major crises facing our country” and the world today, don’t our Senate Republicans have something better to do than launch yet another doomed Obamacare repeal effort?

“There are major crises facing our country and the Republican leadership once again is attempting to repeal Obamacare. I kind of lost track about how many times this effort has been made. I think in the House it was over fifty. I don’t know how many it is here in the Senate.”

Oh and in case Bernie Sanders’ GOP colleagues in the Senate have forgotten, Obama will just strike that bill down with a big fat VETO…again.

“So let me break the news to my Republican colleagues, although I am sure that they already got the news. And that is Obama is not going to sign a bill repealing Obamacare. I think that is not likely to happen, and what we are doing today is just a waste of time.”

But if the GOP insists on going ahead with their Obamacare repeal effort, Sanders wants to make sure we all know: If the GOP ever succeeds in taking people’s health insurance away, some will die because as a result.

“The last thing we need is a budget reconciliation bill that throws 17 million Americans off of health insurance and denies nearly 3 million women the health care they need by defunding Planned Parenthood […] When you throw 17 million people off health insurance, people will die because they don’t go to a doctor when they should, they don’t get into the hospital when they should.”

So now that Bernie Sanders has had his say, let Mitch McConnell explain why it’s okay to take away people’s health insurance (as may happen in his home state when its new GOP governor-elect Matt Bevin takes office) and leave some of them to get sick and die.

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