Philly Mayor: Gun Violence Is Domestic Terrorism (VIDEO)

Philly Mayor Calls Gun Violence By Its True Name And FOX Doesn’t Like It (VIDEO)

Mayor Michael Nutter: Gun violence is domestic terrorism.

On Monday, someone finally went there. In a phone meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and members of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter stated the obvious: U.S. gun violence is domestic terrorism and should be treated as such.

“Domestic terrorism is international terrorism. There is really no level of distinction between the violence that goes on, on the streets of America on a daily basis and the episodic acts of international terrorism that also take place – primarily in cities.”

Philly.Com reports Michael Nutter and mayors from other cities like Baltimore, New Orleans and Washington, D.C. had gathered to discuss terrorist threats in the wake of the Paris attacks. He pointed out that in America’s cities, people live with that level of fear each and every day. If federal and local agencies truly want to wage a war on terror, then they need to fight gun violence as well:

“Citizens around the world feel unsafe because of international terrorists … those same feelings exist for many in (American) communities. These criminals are terrorizing our citizens and that same level of fear of violence, the death of citizens, the destruction of property, are the same. In many cities across the United States of America on a weekend, you very well could have six, eight, 10 people shot.”

That makes sense when you consider: 127 people died in the Paris attacks, and Philly has had a whopping 240 homicides so far this year. We don’t yet know how many of those murders involved gun violence, but the 2014 numbers show 206 out of 248 murders were by gunshot. That’s right: Stricter gun laws could have prevented a whopping 83 percent of those murders.  2013’s stats proved equally depressing, with 201 out 247 murders (81 percent) by gunshot.

Of course, all the various mass shootings, accidental shootings, and on-purpose shootings in the U.S. aren’t planned and coordinated like the terrorist attacks by groups like Al Qaeda and DAESH. But the constant threat of gun violence in America has the same chilling effect: It makes people afraid.

You never know who might be packing heat. And even when someone makes it obvious by swaggering  in public with a rifle slung over their shoulder, you can’t tell whether he’s an open carry “activist” or a maniac hellbent on murder. Meanwhile, it’s so easy to buy guns in America that Texas Gov. Greg Abbot uses it as an excuse for banning Syrian refugees; thuggish or just-plain-terrified cops (we’ll never know which) shoot first, ask questions later; and psycho-vigilantes use “stand your ground” laws as an excuse to shoot people of color walking through their neighborhoods.

Fox throws shade on Mayor Michael Nutter’s gun violence-domestic terror analogy.

And before you know it, fear of gun violence has everyone packing heat, and the biggest bullies with the biggest guns win. That kind of dog-eat-dog world is the kind of world the NRA, its bought-and-paid-for Republicans, and the folks at Fox “News” want. So, of course, Fox can’t let Mayor Michael Nutter’s truth bomb win the day.

With skepticism and scare quotes in her voice, a Fox news anchor “reports” the mayors’ concerns about gun violence as though they’re the silliest thing in the world.

“Calls for stronger gun laws coming from city leaders in response to the Paris terror attacks. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter says gun violence in American cities is like domestic terrorism. He even equated it to national terrorism.”

And in case Fox viewers are too stupid to realize they’re not supposed to take gun violence seriously, the chyron at the bottom of the screen blazes “WRONG REACTION? Mayors: Gun Violence Is Domestic Terrorism”

Here’s the video so you can see for yourself.


Featured image: cc 2015 Kait Privitera/City of Philadelphia | Fox News screen grab (inset).