President Obama Mocks GOP Candidates For CNBC Drama

Obama Makes A Terrifying Point About GOP Candidates


How can you handle leadership when you have no discernible leadership qualities?

The GOP’s sick symbiotic relationship with its base should be the ultimate wake-up call for non-ultra-conservatives. The GOP candidates have demonstrated they are either incapable of telling the truth and being accountable for their actions or are unwilling to do these things. Even worse, as they are rewarded in the polls by a GOP voter base that doesn’t care about honesty or integrity. As a result of this, GOP candidates are not motivated to switch to a narrative that fully appreciates the reality many Americans are coping with.

Therefore, the significant burden of choosing sensible political officials falls to those of us not caught up in bigoted, fear-mongering rhetoric. My only — but major — concern is that Democratic voters are taking for granted what’s at stake, moving forward with the assumption that most Americans think this is madness and won’t swing right. The attention of Democratic voters is decidedly misplaced; it’s not enough to look at the far-right, shake your head and state the obvious. It’s not even sufficient to acknowledge that Obama is right about the diva-antics of the GOP candidates following the CNBC debate.


You’re going to have to make the trip to polls in 2016, 2018 and beyond. Remember, the average Republican voter apparently doesn’t care about qualification, logic, or history revisionism. It’s what enables them to get behind the most terrifying unqualified, bigoted, and downright idiotic individuals. Mere motivation isn’t worth a damn to people whose primary motto is, “So long as it’s not a Democrat, I don’t give a fuck what happens to the nation.”

Merely pointing and laughing isn’t a luxury to be had at this stage. These people want to give a Ben Carson or a Donald Trump the reins. Want motivation? How about sheer terror that without your countering vote, one of those GOP candidates could very possibly be president in 2017.

Before you roll your eyes at the notion, consider this: Rarely does the American public like to have a Democrat in the White House more than 8 years in a row. We can only hope that the advancement of social media throughout Obama’s presidency changes this — allowing everyone to never forget what happened the last time we left GOP voters and GOP candidates to their own devices.

Take the Obama observation to heart as well as those poll numbers. Then get out and vote…or else we’ll all be at the mercy of a party that already enjoys a super majority in Congress and will probably still hold the majority control following the 2016 elections.

Featured Image Via Mikail Volkov/Good Morning America/ABC