House Speaker Paul Ryan apparently likes to laugh, especially if it’s at the expense of the American people. There’s evidence for this because he and several other of his GOP colleagues found it hilarious that tens of millions of people will likely lose their health care.

Ryan Laughingly Gambles With People’s Lives

The Congressional Budget Office reports 32 million people will lose their health insurance over a period of ten years, and many Republicans, Ryan included, have freely acknowledged that their plan will leave people out, ShareBlue reports.

In town hall meetings across the country, his frightened constituents have voiced their opposition to the repeal of Obamacare, and at a press conference held shortly after President Donald Trump’s speech to Congress Tuesday night, a reporter pointedly asked him about those constituents.

Specifically, the reporter asked:

“Given what you’re seeing in town hall meetings across the country, and back in Wisconsin, are you — feel that there is a need now for whatever plan you have for health care, that you must include Democrats in that plan?”

Ryan responded with a joke:

“Yeah, Democrats will get health insurance just like Republicans, hahaha!”

Minutes later, a reporter asked Ryan about his efforts to slash safety net programs. He and several other GOP members of the House thought this question was also funny.

What was the reporter’s question? “On entitlement reform, are you giving up the dream?”

“Never, I never give up a dream, Kacie, I never give up a dream. I’m a Green Bay Packer fan. So I never give up dream. By the way, two entitlements are being reformed with repealing and replacing Obamacare right now! That’s two entitlements right there that we’re reforming, just this spring! So, we are well on our way to reforming entitlements by reforming and repealing Obamacare. So I think that’s a pretty darn good start. Thank you very much.”

Guffaws from members could be heard in the background.

It’s very clear that Ryan and his fellow Republicans can hardly contain their joy over making some inroads to destroying Obamacare at the expense of people whose lives have depended upon it. This is disgusting and tragic, but Ryan clearly doesn’t care. He’s busy making all these sickening little jokes.

And of the acts Ryan is referring to, one is specifically The Affordable Care Act itself, which has decreased the uninsured rate to the lowest level it’s ever been. The other is Medicaid, and millions of people have been covered under the expansion of this program. So Ryan’s “darn good start” is a reference to his repeated efforts to slice Medicare and Social Security as well. He’s just getting started…

Ryan and his fellow Republicans are playing with people’s lives. How many people will die while Republicans keep making these terrible cuts? Ryan almost sounds euphoric now that he has his big chance to assault the legacy of former President Obama and it’s very clear he doesn’t care whether we live or die. Republicans are creating a death panel, and if you’re a person with poor health on the wrong side of that panel, you stand to lose.

You stand to lose your life.

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