Bernie Sanders Is Killing It In Polls For Being Honest And Trustworthy
I’m starting this piece with a few disclaimers: Online polls are not scientific data, this poll doesn’t measure the candidates actual truthfulness, and the poll is not yet closed — but has been open since Dec. 15. The Fox website made no mention of when the poll would close.

So who is the most truthful candidate according to Fox Nation’s online poll?

Bernie Sanders! By a landslide, too. At the time of this publication, Sanders had 38 percent of the vote, while Clinton and Trump were tied with 24 percent (you don’t want to be the person who ties with Trump in a truthfulness poll). Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz show their polling numbers are below 10 percent.

Fox poll
Fox Nation
For being on a Fox News website, this is pretty shocking, but what isn’t shocking is Sanders winning the truthfulness award.

Official polling and scientifically collected data show voters trust Sanders more compared to the frontrunners for the GOP and the Democratic party.

Take a look at this poll by Quinnipiac from November:

Hillary and Donald

Clinton shows a 68-26 split from Democrats, while if you look below, Sanders shows a 73-12 split among Democrats.

But Sanders polls very highly as being honest and trustworthy, and scores surprisingly high with Republicans, whereas the Democratic and GOP frontrunner are very much split on party lines:

Bernie Sanders truthfulness

Also, unfortunately, for Clinton, the word most associated with the former Secretary of State is ‘liar’ while Trump’s is ‘arrogant.’ The same word association test was not performed for Sanders.

One look at Sanders’, Clinton’s and Trump’s PolitiFact files shows where the mistrust may be coming from. Sanders is the most truthful with 29 percent ‘False’ or ‘Mostly False’ statements — he has ZERO ‘Pants on Fire’ lies. Clinton has a mix of 39 percent ‘False,’ ‘Mostly False,’ and ‘Pants on Fire’ statements. Trump breaks the meter on lying. He has 76 percent ‘False’ ‘Mostly False’ and ‘Pants on Fire’ statements. In fact, and astounding 21 percent of his statements are rated ‘Pants on Fire’ lies. Clinton only has 2 percent.

While the latest Democratic National Committee scandal may hurt Sanders’ trustworthiness, he still has a nice cushion if he were to drop a few points, although he was out in front of the mess immediately assuring the public the data that was breached was not used — and he’s run a clean campaign thus far. It could also go the other way too, with Democratic voters believing the scandal was orchestrated in an effort to damage Sanders’ credibility rating, with the obvious fall person being Clinton for her close association to DNC leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

But people really seem to warm to Sanders’ trustworthiness, it’s odd for politicians to come off as honest, and Sanders has had no qualms about telling the public hard truths. He owns being a Democratic Socialist, he owns that the super wealthy won’t like him, he owns all of his past votes (which history shows to be the right kind of votes), and comes off as reasonable and fighting for the little guys. That translates into trustworthiness and it could very well spell victory in the long run.

As for the Fox poll, I’m guessing that story will be buried.

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