Fox News viewers may have noticed a lack of shrill, bizarre, rambling word salads so far in June, and there’s a good reason for that: Alaska’s favorite half-term governor and full-term idiot Sarah Palin’s contract was not renewed by Fox. They “amicably parted ways” on June 1, according to Politico’s Mike Allen.

Palin had been seen less frequently on Fox News over the past year because, in the words of one Fox News suit, she has become “less relevant”. Over the past year, Palin had made only 6 appearances on Fox’s prime time programs. This is down from 40 such appearances during 2012, as well as even more frequent appearances in 2010 and 2011, when Palin was still teasing her fans with talk of running for president in 2012.

But lest you think that Sarah Palin is going away… she’s not. She has over 4 million fervent followers on her Facebook page, is still very involved in her fundraising organization SarahPAC and will be working the campaign trail on behalf of those candidates she supports. And she will still deliver her bombastic speeches (as long as she gets paid well for them) and has her show on the Sportsmans Channel.

And perhaps in order to appease as many low IQ viewers as possible, Palin will still make the occasional guest appearance on Fox’s programs.

This isn’t the first time Fox News and Palin have parted ways. In 2010, when Palin’s popularity amongst conservatives was at its peak, Fox signed her on as a commentator and paid her some $1 million a year. But after three years of her insufferable noise pollution, Fox put the clampers on her, only to hire her back a few months later.

But this time, we get the feeling that Fox is finally done with Palin for good.

Palin’s discombobulated and barely coherent diatribe on Megyn Kelly’s program back in October 2013 just might be one reason why Fox News execs consider her to be “less relevant” these days.

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