Pastor Robert Jeffress Takes Time Away From Advising Trump To Bash Black Lives Matter, Obama, Others

Bigoted Donald Trump supporter and Pastor, Robert Jeffress, delivered a rant on Fox News this morning that might push your blood past the boiling point. He essentially called unarmed African-Americans that have been killed by police ‘evil doers’ and called the killings just an ‘overreaction’ by officers. On top of that, he took a shot at other pastors who have been sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement and claimed Barack Obama has made the racial divide in the country worse since he became president.

The comments are utterly ridiculous.

The New Testament says in Romans 13:4 that law enforcement officers are ministers of God sent by God to punish evil doers.

No veiled language there. If you are punished by an officer of the law whether it’s just or unjust, that’s just God taking out his wrath on you for being an evildoer. So, if a 12-year-old gets gunned down by an officer who probably had no business being an officer or an Army veteran gets starved to death in jail, that’s just God’s will for these evil doers.

Talking about ministers showing any kind of support for Black Lives Matter, Jeffress stated:

Frankly, I’m getting very sick and tired of so-called ministers who do nothing but sow seeds of distrust and disrespect for the police. Those kinds of bogus ministers need to be exposed, and need to be called out for what they’re doing.

Mmmm…the smell of white privilege in the morning really gets you moving!

And what about those other ministers?! How dare they go on talk shows and sow the seeds of distrust in communities by labeling the taking of innocent lives a justified act of God’s will! The nerve of those other ministers! Oh, wait. He wasn’t talking about himself…

But these incidents aren’t a big deal to Pastor Robert Jeffress. He explained what they are in more infuriating language:

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There are some police officers that maybe engage in overreaction.

Yeah. Shooting unarmed people or choking them to death is just an ‘overreaction’. Amazing how he deftly dodged acknowledging that a life is lost in these incidents. I’m sure his God approves, despite that whole ‘thou shalt not kill’ thing.

Jeffress finished by, of course, blaming President Obama for everything. The problem is he clearly was paying no attention to what the president actually said:

You saw that in Warsaw before the Dallas tragedy when he only gave one side of this whole issue of police injustice.

Well, no. Actually, the president praised police officers at length in his speech and even a glance at the transcript would have told the pastor that. Love it when people comment without reading things! And if the pastor wants to claim there isn’t a problem with law enforcement’s relationship with minorities, he should try to refute any of the many statistical facts the president gave in his speech.

Let’s also not forget that things have been getting much safer for police officers in recent years, despite this idea there is an alleged war on cops and the Black Lives Matter movement has been making the situation worse. Even the right-wing American Enterprise Institute pointed out the incredibly sharp decline in police fatalities due to firearms in recent decades. And the evidence is clear that the BLM movement hasn’t reversed the number of people killed by police officers. In fact, there’s been no change whatsoever.

Leave it to bigots like Pastor Robert Jeffress to go on television and make a bad situation worse. This is just your reminder that it is not the religion itself that is dangerous, whether it be Islam, Christianity or anything else. It’s the pricks who interpret it in a way to disparage others not like them. They are the problem and their stupid arguments should be countered every time they spew their vitriol.

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