GOP Desperately Backpedals From Anti-Semite Holocaust Denier Candidate John Fitzgerald

GOP Desperately Backpedals From Anti-Semite Holocaust Denier Candidate John Fitzgerald

Within a few months after receiving an endorsement from the California Republican Party, candidate John Fitzgerald increased his anti-Semitic rhetoric in public. In a recent interview with podcaster Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, the candidate said:

“Everything we’ve been told about the Holocaust is a lie.”

Fitzgerald also included attacks on LGBT and sanctuary cities in his interview along with saying that his entire campaign was about exposing the “lie” about the Jewish Holocaust.

This kind of statement had already caused state party leaders to rescind their support for the candidate last month, statements that Fitzgerald has continued despite the rejection. California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte issued a shared statement with the Republican Jewish Coalition in late May denouncing John Fitzgerald and his campaign. In their statement, they said that there is no room in the party for the candidate’s anti-Semitic views.

“Tonight, the California Republican Party’s Board of Directors took swift and decisive action to eliminate any support for John Fitzgerald due to anti-Semitic comments he made recently — those views have no home in the Republican Party. As always, California Republicans reject anti-Semitism, and all forms of religious bigotry, in the harshest terms possible. We reject John Fitzgerald’s campaign and encourage all voters to do the same.” 

The Party’s rejection of Fitzgerald over his anti-Semitic rhetoric recently triggered the candidate to fire back saying that he wasn’t surprised by their rejection. The reason he gave The New York Times is that both the Republican and Democratic parties are run by “Jewish elitists.”

How the State GOP got ‘Duped’

According to the state party’s spokesman Matt Flemming, the Party will automatically endorse the only Republican in the field under California’s open primary system. This default endorsement is dictated by party rules. The state’s Republican Party automatically threw their support behind Fitzgerald back in March but released their statement of rejection in May.

The state party initially rejected Fitzgerald after the candidate’s  linked text here appearance on another podcast called “The Realist Report.” The podcast’s host, John Friend – who was already labeled as an anti-Semite by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), has openly expressed white supremacist views, praised Hitler’s anti-Semitism, and called the Holocaust a “fake narrative”.

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John Fitzgerald’s interview on Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s podcast reveals a more deliberate attempt to associate himself with anti-Semites. Hitchcock is also referred to as anti-Semite who glorifies Hitler as he seemed to do in a 2016 podcast series where he reads Adolf Hitler’s speeches. At the beginning of that series , Hitchcock says that the series was in honor of the Nazi leader’s birthday.

Hitchcock is British and the author of The Synagogue of Satan: The Secret History of Jewish World Domination, which shows a red Star of David on the cover. He sports a similar graphic on his website and social media pages on Facebook and Twitter but with blood dripping off of it. A description of his books on Good Reads describes the author’s work saying:

“The author is a Holocaust denier who says that the laws against denying the Holocaust were set up only because of the influence of the Jews who are in league with Lucifer, the devil. He advertises all his books on Neo-Nazi sites and seeks funding to continue his work on exposing Jews as the cause of the White Genocide.”

It’s blatantly clear that Fitzgerald and Hitchcock both share the same views of targeting “powerful Jews.” But Fitzgerald has also been welcomed on Hitchcock’s podcasts as a regular guest.

Closer to the surface of public accessibility is Fitzgerald’s own campaign site where he blames “Jewish elements” within the US government and the Israeli government for using the 9/11 attacks to wage a neverending War on Terror in the Middle East.  A more recent post on the candidate’s site this month talks about how “powerful Jews” are pushing “mass-immigration and forced multi-culturalism throughout the US and Europe.”

As a result of their blunder to vet Fitzgerald, the state’s GOP is looking to set up a better vetting process of candidates representing their party. The party’s new vetting process will be to conduct thorough research on their candidates for comments made online, program appearances and more.

Trump’s history of anti-Semitism

During the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, many took issue with the administration’s lackluster observation of Jewish Holocaust Remembrance Day. Last year, in his statement, President Trump referred to the lives of the “innocent” that was lost. But many took issue with the fact that he failed to acknowledge that 6 million Jews had been killed. By not acknowledging this, many saw it as confirmation of the administration’s anti-Semitism as well as a form of Holocaust denial.

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This view was further confirmed when it was learned that the administration had actually blocked a separate statement prepared by the State Department’s Office of the Special Envoy on Holocaust Issues. Their statement would have referred to the millions of Jews killed that Trump had left out.

Trump’s omission of Jewish deaths during last year’s statement could count as the second time he deliberately left them out. The first time was when the incoming President failed to invite Jewish Democrats to the White House Hannukah celebrations in December of 2017.

The anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial didn’t seem to end with Holocaust Remembrance Day, however, because in April of last year, then-press secretary Sean Spicer also expressed another form of Holocaust denialism by selective omission of Hitler’s genocidal legacy. During a press briefing when speaking about the Assad regime in Syria, he said that Hitler didn’t even sink as low as to use gas on people. His statement followed reports that Assad and likely Russian forces stationed in Syria had used chemical weapons on civilians.

Here is a clip of that statement.

Spicer later apologized on CNN which is something that the Trump administration or any representative of it rarely does. Here is that interview, where Spicer later becomes defensive for having to apologize.

Since then, the President has become more involved with Israel’s politics. Rather than making an even-handed gesture to both Israelis and Palestinians for peace in the region, the administration appears to have sided with Israel all the way. As the administration had promised, they officially declared Jerusalem as the new location for the US Embassy. This was a symbolic move that further infuriated Palestinians who have declared ownership of Jerusalem and followed with protests. During this year’s anniversary of the Jewish Holocaust, however, President Trump observed the day more appropriately.

likely Sets up for Democrats, denies he is anti-Semitic

The local GOP for Contra Costa which is part of the 11th district Fitzgerald is running for has not endorsed the candidate. This is because he never asked them to nor did he attend any of their meetings. This was initially the reason they did not support him before they had learned about his anti-Semitic views. Fitzgerald even said that he was unable to reach local Republican leaders. Despite the Party’s rejection, a local spokesman for the GOP, Matt Shupe, has said that there was “no legal way” to prevent Fitzgerald from getting on the ballot.

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Fitzgerald ran as a Democrat in 2010 and 2012 but says now that he identifies more as an independent. Unless Fitzgerald was playing the long game in order to build some history with the Democratic Party to connect them to his anti-Semitism, pro-Trump Republicans could use that history to gain political leverage. With Donald Trump as president, we’ve seen he and his base attack Democrats using any means necessary, even creating their own facts to do so. If Trump’s Republicans try to pin anti-Semitism on the Democratic Party by past association with John Fitzgerald, they might conveniently forget to mention that the party never endorsed Fitzgerald for either year.

Fitzgerald has denied that he is anti-Semitic. He resorted to the typical response many use when they’re called out on their racism, saying that he has friends who are Jewish. At the same time, he said that he didn’t have issues with anyone, only those who lie. He then blamed the “elitists” who he said control everything. Blaming the elites is the typical response of fringe right-wing groups that Trump’s presidency has further enabled.

For instance, from the end of his campaign and into the presidency, Trump employed many from Breitbart News including the media outlet’s CEO Steve Bannon. Many of those with Breitbart ties often blame elites and helped Trump campaign on it. But the ADL has also referred to Bannon as embracing the anti-Semitism of the alt-right. Many of those fringe members of the administration were let go last year.

Here is a video John Fitzgerald made when he was running for the Democratic Party in 2010. In this video, he refers to his claims of 9/11 without the anti-Semitism.

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