2018 Will Be The Year Of Mueller

While some of us may have been hoping for the Special Counsel investigation to give us a Christmas miracle by concluding its report at the end of December, the fact is these things take a lot of time. Robert Mueller, a former FBI Director appointed to lead the probe, has been doing a thorough job by looking into every possible outlet, from seemingly low-level people involved in the Trump campaign to the President’s business ties.

While the media has been focusing on Paul Manafort’s potential plea bargain and Jared Kushner’s bank records, there is something likely more damaging for Trump that has not yet been unveiled. This is according to Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu from California, who, in a recent tweet, linked to a story about George Papadopoulos that revealed how he was picked up by the Special Counsel.

To summarize, it turns out that Papadopoulos went on a drunken rant while boozing with the Australian Diplomat to Britain in London, during which he disclosed that Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton. When Wikileaks began releasing emails from the DNC, Australian officials informed their contacts in America, which led to a chain of events that concluded with the Mueller Team acquiring the unintentional testimony.

Considering Papadopoulos did important things for the Trump campaign like arrange meetings with foreign officials, his decision to cooperate with Mueller is a major progression in the probe. As Lieu points out, though, the Papadopoulos discovery shows just how deep the Special Counsel is digging into the matter – perhaps deep enough to bring down the Trump Administration for good.

Of course there will always be detractors and skeptics, and one such decided to comment on Lieu’s tweet, calling the representative dumb, to which Lieu responded with the revelation that he had access to classified briefings and information as a member of the House Judiciary Committee:

Which really sums up the place we’re at in history. The denial from Trump, his team, his apologists, and his supporters know no limits, but the truth is the truth, and it’s clear that it’s being uncovered. And if Trump is the traitor it looks like he could be, it’s going to come out. No matter who doesn’t like it.

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