Roger Stone Has A Message For Anyone Anti-Trump

During the 2016 presidential election, readers may remember the amount of tension that bloomed behind Trump supporters. There was this very real idea that, if Donald Trump lost the election, there would be violent riots everywhere. This was because Trump brought out a lot of hatred in this country during his campaign, channeling the frustrations of working-class citizens on a few select groups that convinced the reactionary elements of society to come out of the shadows.

Whether or not these concerns were valid will be for historians to decide, but considering the fact that the KKK had a rally in North Carolina following Trump’s election, as well as the recent Nazi terrorism, it is fair to say that there is enough evidence supporting this fear. Because of loose gun laws many mentally ill Americans have access to firearms, which has posed a problem for state and federal law enforcement, as the Waco Siege and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation have showcased in the past.

Adding fuel to this fire are the right-wing commentators heard broadcasting on radio stations. As comedian and social critic Jon Stewart once pointed out during an interview with David Axelrod, conservative shock jocks like Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones have done nothing but stoke fear and nativism among millions of people in this country, which, in some cases, has actually resulted in genuine dangers arising as we saw with the Pizzagate shooting.

Roger Stone is one of these rebellious voices. Initially just another one of Trump’s campaign strategists during the primary and general election, Stone revealed himself to be another right-wing lunatic when he began propagating conspiracy theories against anyone opposed to Trump, including accusing Khizr Khan of being a Jihadist and saying that Chelsea Clinton had gotten plastic surgery to avoid looking like her real birth father.

Since Trump got elected, Stone has not stopped his nonsensical rhetoric, instead upping it to extremist levels. In a recent “interview with TMZ, Stone responded to the recent surge in support for impeaching Trump, brought about by him blaming both sides for the Unite the Right rally, as well as the developments on the Russia interference case. Giving a typical right-wing answer to the situation, Stone had this to say:

“You will have a spasm of violence in this country, an insurrection, like you’ve never seen. The people will not stand for impeachment. A politician that votes for it will endanger their own life.”

While some diehard Trump supporters are violent, let us not forget the fact that the opposition far outnumbers them. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million people, and that number continues to grow as the President does more notorious actions.

Stone should carefully watch what he says, as there will always be crazy people on the fringe that take these things to their final extreme. Watch the full video below:

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