Dallas Shooting: Newt Gingrich Takes 20 Minutes To Unite Country, Before He Campaigns To Divide It Again

Dallas Shooting: Newt Gingrich Takes 20 Minutes To Unite Country, Before He Campaigns To Divide It Again

Newt Gingrich Isn’t One To Talk About A Divided Nation

The potential Trump VP starts on the road to bipartisanship, only to make a hard right turn.

Newt Gingrich recently posted a video for a Town Hall on Facebook with Van Jones, where they talk about the recent Dallas shootings and acknowledge the polarization of views in this country, hinting that Republicans are perhaps ready to unite with commonsense.

The video starts off with Gingrich praising Van Jones for the work they’ve done together – as they used to debate frequently on CNN’s Crossfire – before he begins to talk about how bad things are in a polarized nation.

“…with the events in the last few days in Minneapolis, Baton Rouge and in Dallas, we just felt that we should talk about the larger question of how do we bring Americans together again and recognize that there’s a lot of profound reason to worry about the way in which we’re becoming alienated from each other. We’ve got to rethink what it means to be American and how we function together as an extended family…”

At this point he turns the conversation over to Van Jones who also acknowledges the obvious.

“It is a huge honor to be here. I got a chance to work with Newt when we did CNN’s Crossfire together and it turned out that there are issues that right and left agree on and frankly; strong conservatives and strong liberals agree on passionately. Including the idea that our criminal justice system could be incredibly improved.”

The LA Times took the liberty of reporting on the Facebook live video,  where they added a tweet by a more traditional former Republican contender who is publicly anti-Trump, Mitt Romney, about the same incident.

And to think that everything was going so well. Of course, it can’t be ignored that Mitt Romney is right – or left as his tweet shows – before he goes full right-wing again by making us all “children of God.” Meaning that he’s likely talking to all of those who believe they are children of God, which significantly narrows down who the tweet is for, which is strictly for his followers who can’t be liberal, since he’s invested his entire career in alienating the left. So he’s really just talking to his base, not to mention that he’s already alienated Donald Trump’s followers with his anti-Trump speech from earlier this year.

But going back to the Facebook video with Newt Gingrich; right after Van Jones talks about unity, he continues to subtly polarize viewers.

“I think there’s a good test for everybody and I don’t think anybody in the country can pass this test, which is why we’ve got to come back together. If you cried tears yesterday, when that young man was bleeding out in the car but you did not cry tears today, after those cops died; that is a big signal that we’re moving apart, that we’re losing not just common citizenship but common humanity. Similarly, if you cried today and were outraged by the cops falling, those heroes who were shot down by a racially motivated bigoted terrorist, but you had a little bit of a closed heart towards some of these black videos, that’s also a signal. When you’re one country and you’re one people, you cry at every funeral. You many have a difference of understanding but deep down inside you say, “geez, do we have to have so many funerals in the country.”

What Van Jones is doing here is showing that he’s aware of the aggression expressed between both sides, sitting next to a person who has also made a career of polarizing the same nation, who has fully accepted an offer from the most racist and most bigoted figure this year, to be his vice president, which Donald Trump.

Realistically, we can’t all be crying in unison when these things happen because this isn’t the nation it used to be where everyone pulled together to go fight the Nazis.

We’ve got it out for each other, thanks to leaders like Newt Gingrich and people like Van Jones who can acknowledge the obvious, but make a terrible comparison of where we could be, using old views we’re do disconnected from. And that isn’t even a close description of what that example is because even then, racism was rampant.

But in the video, Newt Gingrich isn’t being the “Newt Gingrich” we all know, who is the same guy who referred to President Obama as the “Foodstamp President” which only means that there’s time for him to do that later, when he’ll be out campaigning and attacking liberals, minorities and liberal minorities.

WATCH: Newt Gingrich with Van Jones

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