Shocking Fox News Poll Finds Americans are Sick AF of Trump's BS, Ready for Impeachment

Shocking Fox News Poll Finds Americans are Sick AF of Trump’s BS, Ready for Impeachment

Donald Trump is Losing Support on the Economy, Soft on Russia and Most Likely Guilty of an Impeachable Offense.

There’s a reason President Donald Trump often cites Rasmussen Reports when bragging about polls — their obvious conservative tilt. He frequently praises Fox News, regularly shows up on their programs, and has even been accused by White House staffers as using Sean Hannity as his de-facto “Chief of Staff“. But when it comes to polling, Fox News may as well be just another cog in the “Dishonest Media” as far as the president is concerned. And with Wednesday’s release of a brand new Fox poll, it’s not hard to see why.

There is literally nothing for the president to boast about in the findings conducted by his favorite television station. Among the findings:

His approval dipped slightly. For most of the calendar year, Trump has hovered in the low-mid 40’s in terms of his job approval. In April, he dropped from a  12-month-high of 45% down to 44%. This follows a month where the economy remained strong, unemployment remained low, the armed forces engaged in air strikes against Syria, and signals were sent that North Korea may be willing to denuclearize. Under normal circumstances, those factors (especially North Korea, given the long history of tense relations) would almost surely boost a president’s job approval.

He’s not “ahead” on any major issues. Fox News asked if voters approved or disapproved of the way Trump is handling five major issues. None provided a result where more voters approved than disapproved:

  • The Economy: 47% approve, 47% disapprove.
  • North Korea: 45% approve, 45% disapprove.
  • Immigration: 43% approve, 52% disapprove.
  • Syria: 39% approve, 49% disapprove.
  • Russia: 35% approve, 54% disapprove.

Americans are not satisfied with “the way things are going in the country today”. Obviously, it’s NOT the Economy, Stupid! Consumer confidence is high and the stock market remains strong despite some dips.  But when asked if they were satisfied or not satisfied with the way things are going, 43% said they were satisfied while a whopping 55% of Americans said they were not.

He’s not as popular as the Democratic Party. Trump can hang his hat on the fact that the poll says he’s more popular than the Republican Party by a 43% to 41% margin. But he lags behind those who he calls “obstructionists” — 47% of voters hold a favorable view of the Democrats. Foreboding information in a midterm year.

The GOP Tax Scam has been exposed. When the poll asked who Trump’s economic policies benefit, most voters were able to see through the smokescreen that the Republican Party has been pushing for the past few months:

  • 29% said “Everyone”.
  • 3% said “No one”.
  • 5% said “People like me”.
  • 57% said “People with more money”.
  • 2% said “People with less money”.

Fifty-seven percent!

And from the Captain Obvious Department. 51% of Americans believe the president is not being tough enough on Russia, while only 6% say he’s too tough (no word if the recently expelled Russian diplomats were among that 6 %).

The Most Ominous Poll Result: Is Trump Guilty?

The jaw-dropping aspect of the report, however, revolves around Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 Election. Only 26% of Americans feel that Mueller is not at all treating Trump fairly, while 64% believe he’s at least somewhat, or at most extremely treating the president fair. Furthermore, 67% of those polled believe it’s important that the investigations continue.

Voters were then asked:

How likely do you think it is that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation will find that Donald Trump committed criminal or impeachable offenses?

Somebody better make sure Trump never sees these answers:

  • 8% don’t know.
  • 37% say it’s not at all likely.
  • 21% say it’s somewhat likely.
  • 16% say it’s very likely.
  • 19% say it’s extremely likely.

That adds up to an astonishing 56% who believe the likelihood exists. Yes. A majority of Americans believe that it’s likely that Donald Trump committed criminal or impeachable offenses. To put that into a historical perspective: no presidential candidate has reached 56% of the popular vote since Ronald Reagan captured 58% in 1984. The same year the original “Ghostbusters” debuted in movie theaters and Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” topped the charts.

Think of all the close, divided electorates we’ve had since. Now consider no political party or leader has convinced more Americans over the last 34 years than the belief that Donald Trump likely committed an impeachable crime.

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