Obama Sees Biggest Jump Of Any President As Trump Finds Embarrassing Place On The List

When rankings of U.S. presidents are taken, there is usually a significant difference between scholars and the public. The public tends to favor (or in some cases penalize) those they knew the best, such as the presidents that have served during their lifetimes.

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In comparison to scholars, the public tends to overrate presidents in recent memory, such as Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy. And we are also particularly harsh on others, maybe most notably Barack Obama.

A new set of rankings by scholars adds the newest addition, Republican Donald Trump, to the roll after his first year in office. And where did scholars place the current Commander-in-Chief? Dead last.

That’s right. Trump finds himself at the bottom of the list of all presidents. 170 scholars from the American Political Science Association’s Presidents and Executive Politics section were asked to give each a score out of 100. The current Republican president came in with an average of just 12.

This particular survey was last taken in 2014 and saw some movement for plenty of presidents in that time. The top seven remained the same with Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Franklin Roosevelt at the front in that order.

But a new name emerged at number eight and one that is sure to rile up Donald Trump and his supporters. Barack Obama jumped ten spots since 2014 to come in as the eighth ranked president in history with a score of 71.

This placed him just in front of Ronald Reagan, who also moved up two spots. Obama’s leap was the largest of any president, followed by Ulysses Grant moving up seven spots to twenty-one.

Donald Trump has been heavily criticized when taking credit for strong economic successes he was left with by his predecessor, such as the plunge in African-American unemployment. Even Trump’s own CIA Director partially praised and credited the nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration for the recent protests in Iran.

It’s certainly possible Trump may climb out of the hole before he is done with his time in office. But it’s likely he will always be looking up to the guy he succeeded for the rest of history, especially if Robert Mueller’s investigation keeps rolling out indictments of the Republican’s team.

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