Ex-Imperial Wizard David Duke Loved Trump's Speech For A Terrifying Reason

Ex-Imperial Wizard David Duke Loved Trump’s Speech For A Terrifying Reason

David Duke, Trump Fan #1

David Duke is not a man known for his rational arguments. His irrational belief in a long discredited theory of race have long been considered at the extreme edge of politics. Once an Imperial Wizard within the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke has long been considered someone whom politicians wanted little to no association with.

Which is why it came as a surprise last year when Donald Trump failed to denounce the support of David Duke. While he later walked back the comments, the fact remains that ever since, there has been a vague line of support in place. And with Trumps embrace of such Duke-promoted ideas as Federal Reserve conspiracy theories and Mexican rapists, distancing himself from the rhetoric just is not happening.

David Duke Uses Trump Victory To Declare War

As President Trump gave his inaugural speech, Duke responded with what he was hearing.

In case the tweets are deleted once this is made known, a screenshot of his page as of 12:36pm PST on 1-20-2017 can be found below.

Screenshot of David Duke's twitter page, 12:36pm PST 1-20-2017
Screenshot of David Duke’s twitter page, 12:36pm PST 1-20-2017

Eyes of History

Declaring that the swearing-in of any president meant a declaration of war against any group is a shock. Now it is unknown how Trump will respond to these claims, if he responds at all. However, they are forever tied to the inauguration regardless of what happens from here on out. By Trump failing to distance himself from the language of hate early on, he has given silent support. His reuse of the “America First slogan did not help matters either. Today, that silence is louder than ever.

It does not matter if Trump supports this view. What matters is that through his silence, he has given permission for those which do. Within 10 days of Trump’s election, violent actions against minority groups soared. Even if Trump were to renounce everything tomorrow, the genie is out of the bottle, Pandora’s box is open, and there is nothing he can do to change that.

Only direct effort by each of us can stop this tide of hate.