Trump Knows Exactly What He Is Doing

If you relied on Donald Trump to form your vision of America, your view would be blighted. You would see a crumbling nation whose people are without jobs, and those who do have jobs don’t make enough, except for in the instance of minimum-wage workers, because Trumpsays that’s too high. If you believe Trump, America is a nation under constant attack from terrorists, surrounded by enemies, and yet, this awful nation full of paradoxical people who make too much but struggle financially, needs to be protected from the constant, undermining, evil arrival of scary brown people by building a literal wall along its borders. The nation is a laughingstock, he says, the world sees America as weak and foolish, and full of folly, and because of that, we face a constant onslaught of violence and economic disadvantages. America needs to be made great again, because it’s awful, and after listening to all of that, and believing it, it makes sense to ban an entire segment of the world’s population based upon their religion.

Of course the Donald’s crowds, whipped up into a frenzy of fear and anger, begin to chant, “Build that wall!”

The GOP candidate’s campaign has just one message to America. Be afraid. The world is dark and full of terror, and he is the only one who can save us from this. Our very way of life is threatened, Trump says, and this is not a new message. This is a message as old as politics itself, and it’s the path to the destruction of democracy. Socrates himself described Donald and his rise to power in Plato’s Republic, back in 380 B.C.

Socrates said that tyranny is an “outgrowth of democracy,” and that tyrants (or, as in Trump’s case, aspiring tyrants) always make the claim that they are protecting people from terrible danger.

“This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears above ground he is a protector.”

In the Republican candidate’s RNC speech, he said that he would “protect” Americans a total of 13 times, the Intercept reports.

His speech at the RNC, as he “humbly” accepted his party’s nomination, is the ultimate example of his deliberate use of terror in order to gain power. The speech in itself was nothing more than a long string of blatant lies, but it’s a tactic that works. A man like him could never rise to power if the people weren’t terrified, and so Trump simply invents “facts,” says them with confidence, and thus spins his own narrative of fear and uncertainty, all the while painting himself as the strong man who can fix it all.

As long as no one is interested in details, that is.

Shades Of Nixon?

The Donald’s RNC speech stated that crime rates have skyrocketed, and that illegal border crossings continue to rise, when in reality, both have dropped. But Trump needs people to be scared of minorities, and convinced that they are under attack because of weak leadership, so that they will follow him. Police officer killings are down, but he says the opposite, completely ignoring hard statistics. Iran is not even on the path to nuclear weapons, but he wants you to believe that Iran practically has them already, and will be training them on the U.S.

Be scared of Muslims. Be scared of Mexicans. Be scared of the rigged government, of high taxes, be scared of crime against police, be scared of China, be scared of Iran. Be scared, be scared, be scared. Trump’s RNC speech was an hour of fear-driven demagoguery. The world is in shadows, hope is nearly gone, America is at the breaking-point…but elect me, because I will fix it all.

How? That’s a dumb question. He’ll fix it because he is Donald Trump and Donald Trump is awesome. That’s all you need to know.

The former reality star did nothing more than imitate Richard Nixon’s own 1968 RNC speech. Nixon, himself the “law and order” candidate, who perfected the use of dog-whistle politics, utilizing the “silent majority” and alienated the black vote, relying entirely upon angry white male voters through the use of the Southern Strategy. And it worked.

Questionable Historical Company

Trump’s view of America is wrong. The vision that he’s passed off as the truth to his supporters is wrong. And the Donald knows that it’s wrong. His fear-mongering has been a deliberate campaign choice, and it was a pretty solid bet. History shows that terrifying people, and then promising to fix it, actually works. Fear is a basic instinct. It is so powerful that it overrides everything else, including those instincts related to intellect and judgement, MSNBC reports.

And if one thing is certain, it’s that Trump’s supporters have an abundance of fear and a lack of intellect and judgement.

Donald Trump is deliberately exploiting the fear that drives his base. He’s taking a page out of a long, historical, but frightening playbook. It’s a tried and true method used by dictators throughout time. By exploiting people’s fear, which drives people to instinctively seek protection, and manufacturing an external threat — like Jews in Hitler’s Germany, the entire West for North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, or Muslims in Trump’s America — tyrants seek to keep the society they want to control frightened, and convinced that they need a strong leader to protect them.

If, as Socrates said, tyranny is an outgrowth of democracy, we have plenty of reason to be scared, but it’s not for the reasons Donald Trump wants you to think. It’s because of Donald Trump himself.

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