Furious Trump Throws Tantrum Over WH Chief of Staff Treating Him Like 'a Child'

Furious Trump Throws Tantrum Over WH Chief of Staff Treating Him Like ‘a Child’

Chief of Staff John Kelly Becomes The Latest Appointee To Insult Donald Trump

If there is one thing that riles up racist Republican Donald Trump, it’s the fact he is notoriously thin skinned. Despite a mountain of public evidence to the contrary, the president likes to think of himself as completely calm and cool under pressure. The reality is, of course, he’s not. And reports suggest he’s even worse behind closed doors.

Another one of those examples showed up today in the Washington Post. In a story about erratic messaging on the border wall, Trump’s anger at Chief of Staff John Kelly boiled over into another temper tantrum in the White House. WaPo reported:

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Trump associates said the president was furious with Kelly both for what he said and for the tone he used, which Trump thought made it appear he was a child who had to be managed.

CNN confirmed the report and added that Trump apparently “hated” the comments.

The president was reacting to news Kelly had called into question Trump’s knowledge on the matter in a closed-door meeting with Democrats. The Chicago Tribune noted the slight:

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told Democratic lawmakers Wednesday that the United States will never construct a physical wall along the entire stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border and that some of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises on immigration were “uninformed.”

Kelly apparently told lawmakers he did not expect the Mexican government to actually pay for the wall either, quashing one of the key campaign promises of candidate Donald Trump.

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The Washington Post article also quotes Trump friend Chris Ruddy acknowledging at least of tinge of racism is an important factor for a portion of the Republican’s base. He stated:

“In President Trump’s world, you can have disagreements privately or publicly, but immigration is a hot-button issue for him and it’s something he doesn’t like to see disagreements on, especially publicly,” Ruddy said. “He knows how important it is to his base.”

In other words, they need a united front against brown people or they will lose their base. Hard to get any more plainly spoken than that.

This would help further confirm the fact studies have shown racism played a key role in electing Donald Trump, despite the claims of economic anxiety.

Trump tweeted in anger this morning during his “Executive Time” about the wall and admitted it would not extend across the full border and parts would be “see through”. He also reiterated claims about the trade deficit that seem to have a questionable relationship with facts, as noted by economist Justin Wolfers.

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In any case, it’s just another typical day in the Donald Trump White House. One of his top people insults him behind closed doors and he reacts by throwing a temper tantrum and proving them right. Will it ever end?

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