Donald Trump's NYT Interview Contained Almost One Lie Per Minute

Donald Trump’s NYT Interview Contained Almost One Lie Per Minute

Trump’s officially hit a new lie milestone

There is no coincidence that fake news began to rise as Trump’s presidential campaign took off. Through intelligence reports and admissions from social media outlets, it has been made clear that Russian hackers helped spread outrageous lies and memes throughout the Internet in order to disparage Trump’s opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

But there is also the notion that Trump himself has made these things the norm. In 2015 alone, the fact-checking organization Politifact named him the winner of the “Lie of the Year” award due to his ridiculous claims that constituted either “mostly false,” “false,” or “pants on fire.” And it appears we can add 2017 to that list as a recent 30 minute interview between the President and The New York Times added an astonishing 24 verifiable misstatements to his record.

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In the interview, Trump made an erroneous or misleading claim almost every minute, a new landmark even by his low standards. As is to be expected, the questions primarily revolved around two things: the Russia Investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and the past 2016 general election, though the interview also visited domestic and foreign policy aspects.

Russiagate proved to be the main source for the claims, as Trump rehashed his prior falsehoods of there being “no collusion” between his campaign and the Federation, and that Paul Manafort barely had contact with him: two claims that have been refuted in the past. To the President’s credit, he did add a new preposterous lie to the mix, and that was that there was “a lot of collusion” between the Democratic Party and Russia.

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Moving onto the 2016 election, Trump used it as an opportunity to boast about his superb campaigning skills and how the Democrats were using the loss as an excuse to perpetuate the Russia myth. Again, this is disproved by several counterarguments, the largest one being that Russia collusion was reported on by the nation’s various intelligence organizations while the Democratic Party blamed then-FBI Director James Comey for his public statement on the Clinton Email investigation. There is also the fact that Mueller himself is registered as a Republican, and served under George W. Bush.

Readers can view excerpts of the transcript here to see the rest of the President’s false claims. It’s a dangerous time when the supposed Leader of the Free World is a pathological liar.

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