7 Reasons Why Donald Trump is a Grave Threat to Blue Collar America

7 Reasons Why Donald Trump is a Grave Threat to Blue Collar America

Trump Claims To Be Pro-Labor

Donald Trump is a danger to all blue collar, working Americans.

He ran on a platform of jobs. “Jobs!” he would cry during his campaign stops, in between inciting violence and leading chants of “Lock her up!” He was going to bring jobs back to America. The jobs would be tremendous. It would be great. Things would be bigly. Trump would fix it all – in fact, he alone could fix it, and he would make America great again.

Of course, when pressed for specifics, then-candidate Trump could offer none. Just that America was getting screwed, and he was going to put a stop to that, and he’d throw in a few more “tremendous!” exclamations and blue collar voters believed him.

But now, as president, when he is responsible for actual policy instead of just whipping his base up during a campaign, it turns out that Trump is not the best for jobs. He is not the best for American workers. He’s not the best for America, period.

In article by Steve Greenwood in the New York Times asked the question, “Is Trump really pro-worker?” and then answered it in devastating clarity.

No. The answer is no. The president is not pro-worker. In fact, he’s the antithesis of being pro-worker. And here’s why.

7 Ways Trump Proves He Is Against America’s Working Force

1. Trump refuses to protect workers. For example, he postponed rules that were meant to protect workers from dangerous silica dust and beryllium. As Greenwood pointed out, that doesn’t help workers. In fact, the president “has taken several steps that will hurt workers, most notably his decisions to delay, weaken or erase Obama-era workplace regulations,” like the one just mentioned. In addition, he appointed a former coal company executive who is actually against safety protection for miners to head up the Mine Safety and Health Administration. So much for draining that swamp.

2. Trump proposes to cut the budgets for programs that are designed to aid workers. Again, going back to mining (and this is a president who said, “I happen to love coal miners), the president’s proposed budget cuts money for mine safety enforcement, and ends funding for programs like the Appalachian Regional Commission. This program alone has helped to cut the poverty rate in Appalachia nearly in half through job retraining and social services.

Not-so-fun fact: 95 percent of the counties this impacts in that region voted for Trump.

3. Trump proudly signed legislation that did away with a rule which required federal contractors to publicly disclose any and all violations in wage, safety, and workplace discrimination. Again, this does nothing to help workers and a lot to hurt them.

4. Trump plans to “dilute” former President Obama’s regulation that enables about 4 million more workers to qualify for overtime pay. And again, you have to ask yourself – who does this help, and who does it hurt?

5. Trump’s budget also slashes the budget of the Labor Department by 20 percent. This includes the worker safety and job-training programs the Labor Department provides. What is pro-labor about removing funding from the Labor Department?

6. Trump plans to do away with the “fiduciary rule”  that requires Wall Street to “act in the nest interests of workers and retirees in managing retirement funds,” Robert Reich writes. So even if you are no longer an actively laboring laborer, Trump is finding a way to screw you out of the fruits of your labor anyhow.

7. Trump has absolutely zero interest in raising the minimum wage.

Trump’s ‘Claims’ Are Weak

Now, you’ll hear the president take credit for a lot of stuff he has absolutely no business taking credit for – like current job creation, which is actually lower than it was when Obama was in office. He’s claimed credit for a decision made by Ford to cancel plans for a factory in Mexico while expanding jobs in Michigan, although Ford says those decisions were due to market  conditions, and then announced they would be building the Ford Focus in China. The president claimed he saved jobs at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis, but it was incredibly costly and that company is still moving a lot of its jobs to Mexico.

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But what we actually have is a president who ran on a pro-labor, pro-working platform, who promised jobs and increased wages, but his policies and policy proposals show he is anything but.

And those very people who voted for him are the ones who are getting screwed the most.

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