Texas Defunded Planned Parenthood, This Is The Aftermath

Texas Defunded Planned Parenthood: Guess What Happened Next

Texas Pulls Plug On Planned Parenthood, Sees Low Income Births Rise.

Ben, an African slave turned Mexican Army cook, noted “no less than sixteen Mexican corpses” surrounded David Crockett’s body. We all know what the famed folk hero and statesman fought and died for: Texas, where the stars at night are small and dim, and the politicians smaller and dimmer still.

A new analysis by the Population Research Center at the University of Texas confirms the actions of a geriatric (and gerrymandered) Republican government have, once again, impacted millions of working people.

By defunding Planned Parenthood in 2013, and driving up the price of contraception, Texas stripped working class women of access to affordable birth control. The researchers, unsurprisingly, correlated the state’s intervention with a steep drop in the number of women with low incomes getting hormone injections or using intra-uterine devices. They also noted a rise in births covered by Medicaid, indicating low income women are having more children.

The analysis concludes:

“The implementation of the 2013 exclusion of Planned Parenthood affiliates from a Medicaid waiver program in Texas was associated with adverse changes in the rates of provision and continuation of contraception and with increases in the rate of childbirth covered by Medicaid. These findings have implications regarding the likely consequences of proposals to exclude Planned Parenthood affiliates from public funding in other states or at the national level.”

Rick Perry Leads America’s Worst States Off A Cliff.

Texas is a carcinogenic Nineveh, currently led by a man who fought a tree and lost. But it was the stewardship of closet homosexual, murderer, and perennial presidential loser Rick Perry that saw Planned Parenthood demonized—long before the huckster David Daleiden’s viral video set fire to American gullibility.

The yokel-dense states of Arkansas, Alabama, New Hampshire, Louisiana, North Carolina and Utah are following suit in the months since the video’s release—bye, bye, Planned Parenthood funding. Hello, unwanted pregnancies and unsafe, coat-hanger abortions.

Texas: you gave us Ted Cruz, but also the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. The Astros suck as much as the mosquitoes, but there’s Blue Bell. What ever are we going to do with you?

Featured image by Beverly & Pack via Flickr and Polina Sergeeva via Wikimedia Commons.