Elizabeth Warren To Bill Maher: 'I'm Not Running For President'

‘I’m Not Running For President’: Elizabeth Warren Turns Down Bill Maher’s $1 Million Offer (VIDEO)

Bill Maher just made Sen. Elizabeth Warren an offer she can’t refuse, but she still turned it down. It turns out Warren isn’t acting coy, she really doesn’t want to run for president…not even for a million dollars.

In their April 10 chat on Real Time with Bill Maher, Warren and Maher voiced their mutual concerns about Citizens United and the 2016 elections. Maher observed, “Somehow, as bad as we thought Citizens United was, it’s even worse.” Warren strongly agreed and added:

“You’re exactly right about that. You know, Sheldon Adelson‘s out there, he gets to pick the candidates. And then he gets to put his money behind them and see if he can’t get those offices. The senators, the White House, this is crazy. You know, it’s madness and it’s scary.”

Bill Maher mentioned how — ever since he gave $1 million to Barack Obama’s super-PAC in 2012 to make a point — candidates keep asking him for money. Then he tells Warren, “There is one candidate who, if they got the nomination.”

The audience burst into loud cheers and applause, and Maher waited for it to subside before continuing:

“If you were the candidate and you choose to run, I will find a way to give you $1 million dollars. So does that change your thinking at all?”

Alas, Warren disappointed the crowd with her firm reply: “I’m not running for president.”

Then, Warren softened the blow with a message of hope and call to action:

“But I do want to say this when we do talk about money: I get it about money, and I get it about what’s happening with Citizens United. But there is another half to this: on the other side, we may not have the money, but we have our voices.”

Watch Warren turn down Maher’s $1 million offer.

Featured photo with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.): Video screen grabs/Real Time with Bill Maher.