Elizabeth Warren Burns Trump in Epic Fashion After Racist Attacks At Hate-Filled Rally

Elizabeth Warren Burns Trump in Epic Fashion After Racist Attacks At Hate-Filled Rally

It’s Clear That Donald Trump Fears a 2020 Elizabeth Warren Candidacy. After His Latest Attack, She Showed Exactly Why He Should.

Donald Trump held yet another ego-stroking campaign rally Thursday, this time in Great Falls, Montana. The speech featured just about everything we’ve come to expect from the president at these events. Anti-immigrant rhetoric. Tough talk about demonstrators (which is a funny juxtaposition considering the right-wing media’s calls for “civility”). Best of all, the man who’s openly bragged about sexually assaulting women is now, for obvious reasons of self-preservation, taking aim at the #MeToo movement.  But one of the targets of the cry-baby-pulpit wasn’t going to let him escape unscathed: Democratic Massachusetts Senator, and potential 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

For no reason other than to rile up his base of rabid simpletons, Trump once again attacked Warren’s claims of Native American heritage. As he has before, he used the term “Pocahontas” to insult the former Harvard professor:

“I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian. “I have a feeling she will say no. She’s based her life on being a minority.

I’m gonna get one of those little kits. And in the middle of the debate, when she proclaims that she’s from Indian heritage, because her mother says she has high cheekbones…That’s her only evidence, that her mother said she had high cheekbones.

We will take that little kit and say — but we have to do it gently, because we’re in the #MeToo generation, so we have to be very gentle. And we will very gently take that kit, and we will slowly toss it, hoping it doesn’t hit her and injure her arm, even though it only weighs probably two ounces

Warren replied on Twitter, pointing out the inhumane violations of human rights that children are enduring in detention centers due to the president’s “Zero Tolerance” policy that has led to forced family separation. And she took his quip about DNA testing and threw it right back in his face:

And this is why Trump is attempting to end her campaign before it even begins. As we saw in the 2016 debates, he is in no way comfortable sharing a stage with a powerful woman.


Photo Credit: PBS News Hour on YouTube; Elizabeth Warren on Twitter.