Elizabeth Warren Slams DeVos 'The Worst Secretary of Education This Country Has Ever Seen'

Elizabeth Warren Slams DeVos ‘The Worst Secretary of Education This Country Has Ever Seen’

Warren Gives Trump’s Education Secretary an f-

Back in late-March 2017, populist Senator Elizabeth Warren launched a campaign initiative called “DeVos Watch.” As the name implies, it was designed to increase awareness and accountability for the actions of President Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. DeVos, a billionaire Amway heiress, has been a notoriously controversial figure in a cabinet full of them.

It makes sense to keep an eye on DeVos, considering that she is the Education Secretary, yet never attended public schools, and that she has been an advocate for theocratic indoctrination in public schools, which she now controls. Plus, there’s the horrible likelihood that she possibly only got the job as a result of her million dollar lobbying donations to the Republican Party. And not only that, but her brother Erik Prince founded the notorious mercenary group Academi, better known by its original name Blackwater.

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Readers can follow the activities of DeVos Watch on Warren’s website, but I am here to report on their latest action: declaring DeVos the worst Secretary of Education since the position’s creation in 1953. In an official review, Warren, who has been a staunch advocate for a progressive overhaul of the U.S. education system, revealed how some of DeVos’s policies in her first year alone have been very damaging to current and prospective students:

“Betsy DeVos is the worst Secretary of Education this country has ever seen — by a large margin. Secretary DeVos has spent her first year bending over backwards to allow students to be cheated, taking an axe to public education, and undermining the civil rights of students across the country. Secretary DeVos has failed in her job and she must be held accountable.”

“She has rolled back relief for students who were ripped off by shady for-profit colleges; she has exposed struggling loan borrowers to high collection fees; she has delayed rules ensuring that colleges that take federal student loan dollars are held accountable for student outcomes; and she has weakened oversight of predatory for-profit colleges while allowing bad actors to continue receiving federal student aid dollars.”

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Compared to the other Cabinet positions, education is one aspect many Americans hold dear, because it directly, and immediately affects their childrens’ lives, and their future. Because of this, the DeVos nomination in 2017 was met with a massive influx of phone calls to Senate offices from constituents demanding that their congressman not confirm her. Since being appointed, she has also been barred from entering schools by grassroots protesters. And, as indicated by Warren’s comment about undermining civil rights, she has also literally endangered the lives of students by rolling back Obama era regulations regarding campus sexual assault and transgender protections.

Warren’s claim is a bold one, but it echoes the sentiment a lot of citizens are feeling about their tax money going into a system headed by someone who has no intent of helping anyone other than herself and her wealthy charter school running friends.

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