Federal Judge: Confederate Flag Is 'Anti-American'

Federal Judge: Confederate Flag Is ‘Anti-American’

Confederate Flag ‘Anti-American,’ Says Mississippi Federal Judge

A Federal Judge stated on Tuesday that the Confederate symbol on Mississippi’s State Flag is “Anti-American,” citing the failed southern effort to secede from the United States that it’s proponents claim it represents.

US District Judge Carlton Reeves heard three hours’ worth of arguments on Tuesday in a lawsuit filed by African-American Mississippi attorney Carlos Moore, who says the State’s flag, which depicts a smaller inset Confederate flag in its upper-left corner, is unconstitutional.

As a foundation for his case, Moore cites last year’s historic Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage throughout the United States, arguing that the Supreme Court’s decision protects a fundamental right of dignity. More argues that the Confederate flag, often seen as a symbol of slavery, violates the dignity of all of Mississippi’s black denizens.

Reeves will consider two questions: whether Moore can prove that the flag truly does threaten a person’s right of dignity, and whether the court is allowed to decide on the design of the State’s flag. But for the flag itself, Reeves had some pretty harsh words.

“We’re still arguing about a flag in 2016 and arguing about a flag that is anti-American.”

Reeves also says the Confederate flag represents the Confederacy, “which is anathema to anybody who lives within the 21st century.”

Proponents of the Confederate Flag often argue that they like it not because of matters of race, but because it’s a symbol of “southern pride” and “heritage,” arguing that it’s a historical thing. But the flag popularly referred to as the “Confederate Flag” today was never actually used by the Confederacy as an official government flag (though the symbol did appear on some Confederate flags in a smaller sense), and was only re-popularized in the 20th century as a symbol associated with the KKK.

Putting aside the flag’s indisputable link to one of America’s most notorious hate groups, the flag does represent a failed attempt at seceding from, if not outright overthrowing, the United States government. Is there really a legitimate excuse to keep it flying over government buildings, or using it in any sort of official capacity? If there is, we can’t think of it.

Photo by StuSeeger