Florida Gov. Rick Scott, the carpet bagging weasel, who won a second term despite being one of the least popular politicians in America just saved the citizens of Florida $461 million with the stroke of his veto pen. Every major media outlet in the state is reporting on how these cuts affect their local communities. Conservatives are so proud they would lick themselves all over if they could.

Meanwhile, back in the real world where men and women, wives and husbands, same sex couples, moms and dads, young people just starting out or trying to get an education struggle everyday to make a living and a life for themselves and their loved ones.

These working Floridians pay taxes. They don’t have the means to have tax savings, or tax loopholes. Neither do they possess a legion of lobbyist and lawyers to influence elected officials to be sympathetic to their plight. A much larger percentage of their income goes to taxes. What’s left goes towards the necessities of life and if they are lucky maybe a nice dinner out or a movie now and then.

So how does Rick Scott, Lord of Nether Regions, help these hard working Floridians with his mighty budget cuts? What did this noble champion of the people do to help those tax paying citizens? According to Jacksonville’s News4Jax online edition, one of the cuts included, $1.2 million for the Sulzbacher Center, a homeless shelter in downtown Jacksonville. Sulzbacher reports on its website that the State and Federal sources provide 36.9 percent of their budget. The City of Jacksonville provides 10.3 percent. Private donations, foundations, fund raisers and other charities contributed 37.4 percent. And the vaunted trickle down on me economics of the corporate world contributed 1.8 percent of the funds needed to operate the center last year.

The Sulzbacher Center also provides hot meals; medical care and helps people and families get back on their feet after they have lost everything. American’s are proud people. We don’t like to beg. People don’t go to homeless shelters for the ambiance.

Wtsp.comin Tampa lists some of the cuts to the Bay area.

$3 million for Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport

$2 million for All Children’s Hospital Pediatric Research Zone, St. Petersburg

$1.9 million for Dade City Downtown Stormwater Improvement Project

Look at that list again, transportation, healthcare for children, and infrastructure. What better use is there of our tax dollars than this? In Jacksonville, it’s the homeless, in Tampa these cuts affect nearly everyone is some way, and this is happening in communities all over Florida. The tax savings or cuts always go to the rich and filthy while the common working folks take it long, deep, and often.

As much as I hate to give Gov. Skeletor any credit at all he did cut a lot of pork off the budget, we need more of that. But that bacon needs to come off the corporate hog and not the piglets trying to survive. Many is the time I heard the ol’ preacher say when he was giving his annual sermon on tithing that you can tell a person’s heart by looking at their check book. What people spend their money on tells you clearly, what is of value to them.

It is abundantly clear that Rick Scott, twice elected Governor of Florida, and many more Republicans, in State Houses and Senates in these blood red states controlled by lunatic Tea Party types like Scott have no regard for the common folks of their states. It makes my brain throb when I try to figure why the poorest people help elect these new aged Robber Barons. Not to worry though, when these cuts hit these Obama hating, liberal loathing, no information voters, they’ll be the first to bitch that gub-mint can’t do nuthin’ right and call for an over throw of whoever is in charge with Second Amendment Solutions. God bless ‘Merica.

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