In yet another shot in the war on voting rights, Fox News and Ann Coulter suggested bringing back literacy tests to make voting more difficult in 2016.

On the Wednesday morning edition of Fox & Friends, conservative columnist Ann Coulter joined host Brian Kilmeade in suggesting that Americans be forced to take literacy tests in order to vote

“So, is it time to revisit a test for people to be able to vote?” Kilmeade asked after talking about a study showing that Americans aren’t very knowledgeable about politics and government. “Does it bother you that your vote counts as much as somebody who does not know what’s going on?”

Ann Coulter responded by claiming that literacy tests are not unconstitutional, even though the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the Voting Right Act of 1965 which made such tests illegal.

“More than I can say. I just think it should be, well for one thing, a little more difficult to vote. There’s nothing unconstitutional about literacy tests. Instead, we have ballots being given in 124 different languages. And I’m pretty sure Senate debates will not be taking place in Urdu. So, what are they voting on?”

Kilmeade then suggested that if people want to vote, they should be forced to know what’s going on, which is conservative talk for ‘People need to know that Obama is a tyrant and there’s a war on Christians.’

Coulter, of course, agreed. Then she claimed that a person who hasn’t gone to school is smarter than someone who has, which is a rather awkward claim considering many people don’t learn to read until they attend school.

“Until that happens, maybe we can check to see if they can name the vice president before letting them vote. As for civic education, that usually means 12 more years of the Chinese-style propaganda in public schools, which only means you are dumber than someone who has not gone to school.”

Coulter then concluded her ignorant punditry by concluding that low intelligence voters benefit Democrats.

“Is a completely ignorant voter better for the Democratic Party or the Republican Party? The Democratic Party.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Prior to 1965, literacy tests were a favorite tool of racist conservative Southern states to suppress the vote of African-Americans. And since African-Americans primarily vote for Democratic candidates, conservatives have been doing everything they can to keep black people from casting their votes in a scheme to rig elections for Republicans. Republicans have been trying to do this across the country by enacting voter ID laws. And now some conservatives are suggesting bringing back literacy tests to rig elections even more.

Of course, if the test were actually delivered in a fair manner, social conservatives like Coulter would be screwed because a recent study found that “low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies.” But we all know that conservatives aren’t about to subject themselves to literacy tests. Because if they did, their entire base would be disqualified from voting.

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