Let’s recap.

Donald Trump ran for President promising to build ‘a big, beautiful wall’ along our southern border to stem the tide of Hispanic immigrants. No such promise of a wall to hold back the rising seas or along the northern border, because this is about racism. Canadians are mostly white, and therefore, no wall is needed. Hispanics aren’t usually white, so, wall.

At least, that’s the reasoning as far as Donald Trump and his deplorables are concerned.

Of course, such a wall would be horrendously expensive. Which is why he assured us Mexico would pay for it, not the American taxpayer. Not being much for sweating the details, Trump’s plan for Mexico to cover the wall ignores the fact that Hispanic immigrants from all over Central America and South America also come through Mexico into the United States, so if Mexico was going to pay for a wall, they’d probably pay for one on their own southern border, rather than shoulder the bill for our wall.

And so Mexico’s response, in this case best summed up by their former President, Vicente Fox, was predictable.

“Mexico will not pay for the fucken wall!”

So Trump was elected, sworn in a year ago, and has since had a year to make a deal for his wall. With Mexico? Umm, no. With Congress? Not what he promised, but let’s be real. But hey, he’s the “Art of the Deal” President, right? He should be able to negotiate something, right? After all, that’s what he does, right? And he hires all the best people to help him, right?

Well, surprise surprise, that didn’t happen.

And so, as a last ditch effort, Trump and Republicans decided to try and give Democrats a lose/lose choice. Either end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), or the GOP would kill the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). So, they tried to make Democrats choose which children’s lives don’t matter. But Democrats decided that all children’s lives matter. Because they do.

Now, anyone who’s really paying attention knows that the Republican Party’s five favorite things are:

1 – Discriminating against people who aren’t white pseudo-christians.
2 – Taking people’s healthcare away.
3 – Spending the middle class’s money.
4 – Destroying the US Government from within.
5 – Pretending to care about the military.

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So now Republicans must be giddy! They get to blame taking healthcare away from kids on Democrats for not letting them discriminate against kids who are predominantly non-white and real Christians (none of this greed aka “prosperity” gospel nonsense), shut down the government over it to strong-arm the Democrats into letting them spend the middle class’s money on Trump’s wall, and frame the whole thing as Democrats not caring about the military, while they make a announcement after announcement of concern for the soldiers the GOP loves to use for props and cannon-fodder…

And Then, This Happened:

Early this morning, @clairecmc tried to pass a bill to guarantee military pay and death benefits in the #TrumpShutdown.

Republican Leader Mitch McConnell: I object. WATCH: pic.twitter.com/n3a7RBaxzi

— Senate Democrats (@SenateDems) January 20, 2018

Yup, Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill stood up for our troops, and the Republican Party’s Senatorial Leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky stood against our troops. And that should tell you everything you really need to know about whether Republicans really care about the military, or they’re just using them to serve their agenda, as usual.


If they did, they’d join Democrats in wanting to pay them. Instead, they’re lying to them.

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