GOP Strategist Blasts "Liar" Sarah Sanders For Pocahontas Apologetics

GOP Strategist Blasts “Liar” Sarah Sanders For “Horseshit” Pocahontas Defense (VIDEO)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders can’t stop the growing divide between the GOP and Trump

The latest event involving Donald Trump lowering the bar of what is means to be President revolves around a conference he had on Monday that was meant to honor Native American war heroes who had worked as code talkers during both American World Wars. Rather than just stick to the program and simply hand these historic patriots their awards with a smile, Trump chose to make a horrific racist joke regarding Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren being nicknamed Pocahontas, a name that most Native American scholars have agreed is offensive.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders immediately played damage control on the matter, insisting that “Pocahontas” was not a racial slur, and that, while it was wrong for Trump to say these things, it did not overcome Warren supposedly lying about her heritage (which has never been proven). In other words, typical Republican deflection. When it comes to communicating to the public on behalf of President Trump, Sanders has managed to top her predecessor Sean Spicer in terms of the depth of the illogical defenses of Trump.

At least one Republican has had enough of her actions, and that is Rick Wilson. Having worked as a GOP strategist for a long time, Wilson gained fame during last election cycle’s primary and general election for being a strong proponent of the “Stop Trump” movement among conservatives, and has continued to remain fiery when it comes to taking down supporters of the President.

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In Sanders case, Wilson did not hold back. In an interview on “CNN Tonight,” hosted by Don Lemon, Wilson called her a “serial, congenital liar” who has “some tiny shriveled husk left of her soul” for continuing to defend Trump. Wilson continued on to a poetic rant against the subterranean level of decency Trump has shown in comparison to past Presidents, and that Sanders’s job ultimately consists of trying to;

“bury people in an avalanche of horseshit everyday.”


Image a screen capture from Media Watch’s YouTube Channel