Republican Trey Gowdy Hired The Best Lawyer And Here’s What He Said

You may not know who retired Army Lt. Gen. Dana Chipman is, but Republican members of the House Benghazi Committee know him well. He was their lawyer during the investigation. Chipman had a long and distinguished career in the Army, reaching the highest ranking position for a legal officer. He’s the kind of decorated officer that gets a party from the Army, with “a military parade, color guard and two marching bands when he retired. And in January of 2016, he told the GOP members of the committee what we already know about Benghazi: it’s not a scandal and everyone acted appropriately.

Most of us know the general details of the many expensive Benghazi investigations and the fact they have found nothing in the way of a scandal time and time again. We know the continued investigations are just Republican attacks on Hillary Clinton in an effort to hurt her reputation and her chances of winning the race to the White House in November. We know this because Republicans have accidentally said exactly that. We also know when Republicans had the chance to question Clinton under oath, she absolutely crushed them and embarrassed them on a national stage.

We can now add the Republicans’ own lawyer to the chorus of voices screaming there is no scandal with what happened in Benghazi. Democratic Benghazi Committee members Elijah Cummings and Adam Smith relayed what Chipman told former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta during a closed door interview on January 8th of this year:

Chipman “repeatedly commended the military’s actions on the night of the attacks during closed interviews with Defense Department officials,” Cummings and Smith wrote…

Cummings and Smith quote Chipman as telling Panetta: “I think you ordered exactly the right forces to move out and to head toward a position where they could reinforce what was occurring in Benghazi or Tripoli or elsewhere in the region. And, sir, I don’t disagree with the actions you took, the recommendations you made and the decisions you directed.”

Chipman later told Panetta he was “worried” that U.S. officials were caught by surprise during the Benghazi raids, which occurred on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Still, Chipman told Panetta: “Nothing could have affected what occurred in Benghazi,” Cummings and Smith wrote.

In other words, the biggest-name hire” by Republican Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy to investigate Benghazi told him four months ago there is no scandal.

The question now is, will Gowdy disavow this fact from the guy he hired who is clearly a powerful and distinguished voice? Gowdy spoke highly of Chipman when he was hired and worked closely with him:

The sharp-tongued Gowdy and decorous Chipman may seem like an unlikely match, but the two have developed a close partnership. Gowdy says they speak several times a day. “[Chipman’s] very humble, which is a quality that’s not often found in Washington. He lets everyone else in the room speak first—and just when you think there’s someone in the room who knows more than him, he makes his voice heard. He’d be a lousy politician, because he doesn’t brag and try to make everyone see how smart he is in the first 30 seconds you meet him.”

In short, Gowdy admits Chipman is the smartest guy in the room, even when Trey Gowdy is in that room.

In a rational world, the non-scandal that is Benghazi would not have been investigated over and over and over and wasted so much of the taxpayers’ dollars. But Republican World is not a rational one. We will just have to wait and see whether Trey Gowdy and the rest of the time and money wasters in the GOP want to continue with this useless charade to hurt Hillary Clinton and her campaign for the White house.

Of course, we already know the answer to that.

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