The Internet Just Lit Up With Fantastic Memes Mocking Trump's 'Fake News' Time Magazine Covers

The Internet Just Lit Up With Fantastic Memes Mocking Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Time Magazine Covers

Meme attack lights up the internet with more TIME Magazine covers

Fake news just turned real, and the internet is filling up with fantastic memes of Donald Trump on the cover of TIME magazine. Earlier this week, a fake cover of TIME magazine depicting President Donald Trump caught The Washington Post’s attention hanging in at least five of his golf clubs. The man who has blamed everything on what he considers “fake news,” was suddenly the protagonist of an embarrassing lie, and actual fake news.

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TIME magazine immediately asked the Trump Organization to take down the fake cover. However, the photo and the incident will forever be on the Internet, where fantastic memes have been appearing since yesterday. People have used these memes to express their opinion on the President himself,  so some of these mock the President as a liar, a coward or as a failure. Many others have done it to continue pressing on the investigation relating Donald Trump to Moscow. Actually, these are the most hilarious ones; some of these memes depict President Trump as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s puppet or even his bride.

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The best thing is that the memes have not been limited to the TIME. Mockery has also extended to sport magazines and Donald Trump’s athletic capabilities -or the lack thereof.

Do you think Trump will be hanging any of these in his clubs?

Featured image via Carol at the NC/Twitter and Coconuts&Sunshine/Twitter