Marco Rubio Would Have His Rapist’s Baby, And Thinks You Should Too!

Days after collecting his participation award after a third-place finish in Iowa, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is back with an important PSA for rape victims. Simply put, Marco Rubio would gladly have the baby of the man who raped him, and he thinks YOU should, too! As reported by Raw Story, Rubio sat down with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos on Sunday.

During his interview, Marco managed to be as offensive as you’d expect a man to be who thinks of women as flesh-covered incubators. He self-congratulated about being the kind of “human rights advocate” who’d only allow for abortions that saved the lives of mothers. When pressed on the issue of forced pregnancies for rape victims, Rubio answered,

“It’s a terrible situation. I mean, a crisis pregnancy, especially as a result of something as horrifying as that, I’m not telling you it’s easy. I’m not here saying it’s an easy choice. It’s a horrifying thing that you’ve just described.”

Wait, he’s not telling rape victims it’s an easy choice? Could have fooled the heck out of me. After all, “choice” implies that such women would be able to voice the desire not to bring their rapist’s child into the world — and then NOT do it. As president, Marco Rubio would forbid these women from making any such decisions. Charming.

You can almost feel the smug condensation while he pretends to empathize with rape victims while feeling entitled to deprive them of the ability to have any power over the bodies they live in.

I wonder if that Iowa participation award was a scratch-and-sniff sticker?

“I get it,” he added. “I really do. And that’s why this issue is so difficult. But I believe a human being, an unborn child has a right to live, irrespective of the circumstances of which they were conceived. And I know that the majority of Americans don’t agree with me on that.”

Ultra-conservatives are amusing as FUCK, aren’t they? They won’t shut up about the rights of the unborn, but are the first in line to deprive the rights of non-white Americans, non-Christians, non-males, and non-heterosexuals. You know, pretty much any disenfranchised group you can think of.

GOP politicians are the masters of thinking that forcing their archaic thinking on a modern-minded society is progress.

They LOVE depriving rights and hate offering any assistance to those who aren’t a part of the one percent. Why the hell they think speaking for an unborn fetus negates this reality is beyond me, but it is hilarious. Force a woman to have a baby you will not pay for and pat yourself on the back about it. Brilliant!

By the way, GOP politicians are the masters of thinking that forcing their archaic thinking on a modern-minded society is progress.

In any case, if Marco Rubio were a woman and a rape victim and decided to have his rapist’s baby, I would respect his choice. If he decided to abort, I’d still respect his decision. But then, Marco Rubio isn’t a pregnant rape victim, is he? Therefore, I invite Third Place Participation Award Recipient Marco Rubio to shut the hell up.

Have booze or blood pressure medication handy? Feel free to watch Marco Rubio having his “Papa Don’t Preach” moment in the video below.

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