Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at a castle in Dublin, Ireland, couldn’t resist the chance to rip Donald Trump for his “Un-American” anti-immigrant racism.

Biden Noted That Xenophobic, Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Is Creating Unrest In The U.S. And Europe

In a speech on the experiences Irish-American immigrants faced, he talked about how his own Irish ancestors brought a sense of optimism and possibility to America.

Biden told a story of how his mother taught him to have pride in his Irish heritage, and that she felt “an absolute certitude that she or any of us were equal to any man or woman on Earth.”

“We’re defined by a common creed that says our children, if they work hard, if they’re loyal, they can live a better life than the generation before them,” Biden said. “It’s defined by a simple, simple, simple belief that we share, that anything, anything, anything is possible, a belief shared by the vast majority of immigrant families that have come to the United States.”

He warned against the nationalist and xenophobic rhetoric that politicians in the U.S. and Europe are parroting and noted that this has fomented unrest over issues like immigration, the economy and terrorism. Blaming immigrants for this isn’t the proper response, he said.

“All this provides fertile terrain for reactionary politicians and demagogues peddling xenophobia, nationalism and isolationism,” Biden said, according to The Los Angeles Times, in a thinly veiled reference to Donald Trump. “We see it in Europe, we see it in other parts of the world and we see it in my home country, where some politicians find it convenient to scapegoat immigrants instead of welcoming them; to play to our fears rather than, as Abraham Lincoln said, ‘to appeal to our better angels’; divide us based on religion or ethnicity rather than unite us in our common humanity; build walls instead of bridges.

“It is un-American what we have been seeing. I’m here to tell you it is not who we have become. It is not who we are.”

Biden’s speech in Ireland occurred shortly after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, in a move that was partially fueled by anti-immigrant sentiment.

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Trump has been on the “ban Muslims from the U.S., curb immigration” bandwagon, and as such, applauded Britain’s decision to leave the Union. Weirdly (but then this is Donald Trump, after all), he blamed Obama for the U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union

His logic? President Obama traveled to the U.K. to support out-going Prime Minister David Cameron’s efforts to keep Britain in the union, and, Trump said, people don’t like Obama, so if the president hadn’t said anything about it, people would have voted to stay in the union.

Um, sure.

Then Trump, clueless as usual, tweeted this:

And was promptly, beautifully and hilariously owned by lots of Scots on Twitter, but I think this guy put it best:

That’s Trump for you. Why waste any time actually reading about something when you can be an ignorant fool instead?

Biden is clearly an intelligent, articulate human being and I find it particularly galling that we may face a Trump presidency, along with whomever he dredges up to become vice president.


You can watch Biden express his concerns in the video below.

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