John Oliver, brilliant host of Last Week Tonight, has been on a roll lately, absolutely skewering the Republican candidates in this year’s election. Last week he eviscerated Donald Trump, giving him a new, more fitting last name. This week, his attention went from national to local, bashing two Republicans running in local races in Texas. Everything, as they say, is bigger in Texas, and the insanity of this year’s brand of conservatism is no exception.

Oliver’s first victim was the newly minted Republican chairman of Travis County, Robert Morrow. Oliver shows interview footage of Morrow saying,

“I’m not politically correct, I’m politically incorrect. I’m like Donald Trump on steroids, sweetheart. So get ready to have some fun reading my Twitter feed.”

A perusal of Morrow’s Twitter feed shows that it is indeed prolific, with hundreds of mind-droppings a day. His missives include petty feuds, bizarre conspiracy theories, horrifically misogynistic images of women, and political gems such as this:

My colleagueJenna LeFever recently did a thorough send-up of Morrow’s Twitter rants for Reverb Press.

Oliver says that Morrow gives off the vibe of a man kicked out of a gym “for trying to smell women.” Oliver displays some other blood-curdling Tweets, then shows more interview footage of Morrow. Most of Morrow’s political criticism, of luminaries in both parties, has a weirdly sexual angle.

“George W. Bush is like Rick Perry. Both of them are closet homosexuals. That’s my personal opinion.”

That’s the great thing about opinions. They can have no bearing in fact, and thus, no one has to pay any attention to them. Unless, of course, conservative voters do something colossally stupid like elect someone who holds appalling opinions to a position of power.

Following a litany of bizarre sexual theories about prominent officials, Oliver says the question Morrow was answering was,

“What sounds does Ann Coulter make as she falls down the stairs?”

Oliver then skewers Mary Lou Bruner, who is running “a successful campaign” for a seat on the Texas State Board of Education. Oliver needles her for opinions she has publicly shared, including that global warming “was made up to promote global socialism” and that President Barack Obama was

“a male prostitute in his twenties. That is how he paid for his drugs.”

John excitedly tells the audience about why he wants her to be on the school board,

“Say what you will about that woman, I would read any history textbook she had a part in creating. Teddy Roosevelt fathered an illegitimate child that was half-human, half-bear? Why did nobody tell me this? Education is fun! I yearn to learn!”

Oliver says that, although the Texas School Board is known for controversial figures, “she seems extreme even for them.” Oliver goes on to explain that she, a former history teacher for decades, wrote that the dinosaurs went extinct because it didn’t make sense to take “the ones bigger than a bus” onto Noah’s Ark.

John points out that the Texas Republican party has distanced itself from both candidates, with an official saying that Morrow doesn’t speak for the party or its values. But Oliver questions this, saying that many of Morrow’s most distinct qualities also apply to the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee.

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